Game of the Year 2011: #19 - Battlefield 3 [IncGamers]

IncGamers: EA DICE's shooter makes it into our top 20... just.

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Hufandpuf2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

"The reason Battlefield 3 is not higher on this list is because, as I said earlier, its other two primary elements (Single Player, Co-Op) are appallingly bad. Taken as a whole, the product doesn’t meet the standards of the competition."

I agree, but it could've been worse. If BF3 was a multiplayer only game it would never get a shot at industry awards. I don't think DICE wanted to settle for just a "multiplayer" title this time around, but unfortunately going for the whole package narrowed the focus IMO in their design. Multiplayer=AMAZING (but can be GODLY with the right adjustments) Singleplayer=Mediocre (Could've been better but not appaling) Co-OP=What's the point?

Definitely not #19 on my list though. #2 under Skyrim.

Detoxx2927d ago

Battlefield 3 or Skyrim on #1

Bobbytheblobby2927d ago

battlefield a contender for #1 is that a joke?

skyrim yes, but have you never heard of gears 3, uncharted 3, deus ex, bulletstorm, la noire, halo anniversary, modern warfare 3, forza 4, minecraft, crysis 2, portal 2

h311rais3r2927d ago

bobby as soon as u mention MW3 u lost all credibility. its not even close to a GOTY.same with crysis 2. it was a flop on pc.

Yomaster2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

@Bobbytheblobby: BAHAHA! MW3 as #1 GOTY contender!? It shouldn't even be in the top 25. And then you mentioned Bulletstorm. OH. HELL. NO.

That being said, I think the games that have the best shots are Minecraft, UC3, and Skyrim. While the others are good games, I don't think they stand a chance. Skyrim will more than likely take the #1 spot.

@h311rais3r: I think Crysis 2 deserves a spot in the top 25, as it is a really good shooter, despite not living up to the first. I thoroughly enjoyed the game, though, and thought it deserved a lot more attention and praise than it received. IMHO, Crysis 2 even shits on MW3, but that's just me.