The top 10 PC games of 2011

BeefJack: "Despite continuing predictions of its imminent demise, this year found PC gaming as healthy as it’s ever been, a fact reflected by the se
veral platform exclusives that made it into BeefJack’s top 10 PC games of 2011."

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JOHN_DOH2925d ago

Take Fable off and put in witcher2 and put bf3 in there too.

ninjahunter2925d ago

Ok, here i thought i was the only one rolling over in my non grave.

caperjim2925d ago

Any "top PC games article of 2011" must include Witcher 2, Battlefield 3 and Skyrim. Failing to do so will get you shot in the knee with an arrow.

dreamtheater872925d ago

Indeed. And DAII? Wish I hadn't read the list, I had just about forgotten about that miserable excuse for a sequel.

solar2925d ago

I wish i could go back in time and play Portal 2 for the first time again. Such a brilliant game.

C_Menz2925d ago

This was obviously written by someone who doesn't play games on the PC.

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