Extra Punctuation: Too Many Options in Skyrim

The interesting thing about Skyrim is the sheer range of experience different players have depending on where they felt like going first and how they built their character. Yahtzee has an associate who lost interest in the game because they were playing a conjurer, and the half-dozen familiars and followers they accrued made the game completely unchallenging.

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aznrunner18812925d ago

There are also too many things to see at museums.

coolbeans2925d ago

That's a weak counter-argument (imo).

aznrunner18812925d ago

It's not a counter argument, I was agreeing...

Mutant-Spud2925d ago

I'm assuming he was talking about the final battle in the Mages college quest line, I found that not so much hard as tedious, it took me a good half an hour of exploiting the fairly poor AI pathfinding, the slow time shout and the old "hide and heal" technique.
The only issue I have is whether to exploit the AI or play fair.

SeraphimBlade2925d ago

I agree with the face thing. White Knight Chronicles had a really good system where every feature (eyes, nose, ears, etc.) had presets which you could pick individually and then tweak from there. Too bad your custom character did jack all in the story.

Xof2925d ago

This. WKC is an example of how to do character creation RIGHT.

Saints Row 3 takes the same approach.

Sliders suck, and end up making almost every facial variant look like ass. Pre-set features are the best, because they're actually intentionally designed.

joab7772925d ago

Can someone explain to this Guy the brilliance of skyrim. First, turn down the difficulty if it becomes game breaking. Second, maybe you aren't ready for that fight. 3rd, save. You can save anywhere. I love that all three are available in skyrim. Despite the fact that the world levels with you, you still find difficult enemies you may not be ready for. I love the dogs, but they die often, so i thank them for their service and move on. As far as being a conjurer, the beauty is that even if you don't like it, choose another class like destruction. Unless you spent all your perks on 10 different trees and spread yourself too thin, you should be ok. I used a battlemage archetype that included illusion as a secondary magic but the archetype failed to mention that if you are going to be a mage with heavy armor, smithing and enchanting and most their perks are vital. I abandoned illusion and moved on. I wish I hadn't spent those perks butnot enough to go back 35hours. I love skyrim. It has its issues, but not these.

SSIDEUP2922d ago

Is this stupid webgramme still running? Good lord, it's not funny anymore.