Review: New Xbox dashboard update (IT News Africa)

Review of the latest Xbox dashboard update. It’s a refreshing design, and something that gamers should take to immediately.

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chretienm2927d ago

I love the new update. Its refreshing, sleek, quick and accessible!

ryhanon2927d ago

We're reviewing dashboard updates now? Seriously?

360 dashboard update GOTY!! /s

StanLee2927d ago

The XBox 360 dashboard updates have and continue to, refresh the XBox 360 experience. For better or worse, we're a culture where everyone feels they have to share their opinion on something.

MasterD9192927d ago

I like it...It seems to have made it a little easier to know what is going on or what your friends are doing but I still prefer the left side vertical menu format as opposed to the horizontal menu.

IQUITN4G2927d ago

A case of getting used to it. I don't also like the change to horizontal. It makes sense how they've done it but does strip away some of the great and surrounding atmosphere it used to have- especially your game list for example

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