Asking Jane McGonigal: Can Gamers Save The World

“Can gamers save the real world?” That’s the question that Jane proposes, and the answer to that isn’t abundantly clear. It’s something that she’s wrestled with for a while now, mostly with the alternate reality games that she directed, along with her first book Reality is Broken: Why Games Make Us Better and How They Can Change the World. She has appeared as a speaker for TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design), and recently spoke about her ideas at Northeastern Illinois University, all in attempting to answer that single question. The trouble is it’s a multi-parter, and much like Operation Market Garden’s attempt at bringing down Germany in one fell swoop during WWIII, it requires everything to go right in order to succeed.

It’s at this point a person can ask, “Why gamers?”, and it would be a reasonable question.

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tiffac0082510d ago

I think the article means WWII. ^^;;;

scotchmouth2509d ago

I've seen some speakers at TED. Its a mixed bag of fairly good ideas and some irrelivant mumbo jumbo. Its fun analyzing how other minds work

FunkMcnasty2509d ago

Us gamers are always saving the world... everytime we beat a game!