Tales of the Heroes: Twin Brave's Boxart Gets A Makeover

For some reason, Tales of the Heroes: Twin Brave's previously revealed boxart got itself a somewhat substantial makeover.

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Cloudberry2927d ago

More / less the background & Asbel + Cheria are the ones that changes.


Kinda peculiar choice of the characters for the cover...

We see Jude & Milla of the recent "Tales of Xillia" up in the front.

Behind them are Guy & Luke of PS2's "Tales of the Abyss".

Last are Asbel & Cheria from "Tales of Graces".

But Yuri & Flynn from "Tales of Vesperia" only as silhouettes in the title...

jacksonmichael2927d ago

Well yeah. They're trying to promote their most recent (or upcoming, for some parts of the world) games.

Anyway, I was really hoping that one of the changes would be a rating from the ESRB.