Epic Games currently not making any games for the Vita

GB : Epic games president, Mike Capps in an interview with GI Biz has revealed that they aren't doing any games for the Vita currently. This is a bit baffling because, they already had the dev kits early and also created an engine, which was demoed earlier this year.

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sinncross2928d ago

That is baffling. Why not start by just porting infinity Blade and see what the reception is like, at the very lest.

Karooo2928d ago

They probably want to see if it will be successful or not.

firefoxprime2928d ago

Sounds very similiar to the dev pov for the 3DS...

ABizzel12928d ago

What exactly has Epic done for the PSP, and what has Unreal Engine done for the PS3.

Batman is the only standout game of the Unreal Engine on PS3 everything else is passable thus far.

Epic is not a developer I think of when I think of buying a PlayStation console.

archemides5182928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

except for the graphics, infinity blade sucks. it only exists because of the lack of buttons, they would never make the same game on the vita since they'd purposefully have to ignore all the better control options

but they probably make way more money on the iOS anyway, with a lot smaller developing expenses.

_Aarix_2928d ago

You can't play infinity blade without a touch screen and infinity blade is impossible on 3ds. The game has great controls. Don't become a close minded blind moronic asshole cause it's on a touch screen

TheFirstClassic2928d ago

Actually, Infinity Blade is the ONLY game I have ever played where touch screen only felt natural for the gameplay. I liked that game very much. Still never got an itouch because it still wouldn't be worth getting for only one game.

fluffydelusions2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

Infinity Blade is designed exclusively for touch screen only devices or in other words apart from graphics it sucks.

PshycoNinja2928d ago

I can understand from a business point of view why they would support Vita with the Unreal engine. However not having their Mobile/Downloadable game studio Chair Entertainment not work on a Vita title seems like a bad decision.

It is Epic's decision after all and if they believe that not making a game for Vita is in their best interest than by all means continue whatever it is your making.

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Bach2928d ago

This is a disappointment, indeed. Thank the heavens that Vita already has a splendid launch lineup, along with more intriguing titles to come. Give me Vita now, damnit!

Kran2928d ago

Why would they? They prefer the 360 and iPhone. Or is that just Cliff? :/

fluffydelusions2928d ago

It's possible they just want to see how well of a reception it gets. 360/iOS already have a large and established user base.

dragonelite2928d ago

i think this and the vita is fighting with mobiles for the handheld gaming marketshare and from what i heard 3 hours battery life isn't that good. I long back to the day where i could play almost 20 hours with my GBA.

nondecaf2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

I think that is stupid not supporting vita this early,at least make a port of infinity blade because this what they said about vita,I understand that this a business but on top of Sony promoting ps vita it needs to have content for people to purchase it in the first place,Epic games motto is "work smarter not harder",by releasing an existing ip on vita they show support and can gradually work their way up,I feel this is what kills ps move like vita it is easy to use and third party devs only needed to experiment first before going all out. @2:23

Vgameman2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )


Not really a big deal..

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The story is too old to be commented.