HD DVD's online content reaches 30% of owners, on average

The HD DVD camp can still tout online connectivity as a feature Blu-ray doesn't have yet, and now they've released numbers on how many people are actually using it.

According to the HD DVD Promotional Group, Universal's web-enabled discs averaged 30% of owners going online, while Transformers notched 80,000 unique online viewers with 30% logging on again to download additional content later.

HD DVD-exclusive studios Paramount and Universal seem encouraged enough by the numbers that we can expect the content to continue to flow, but we've got to wonder if the added features will translate into increased sales.

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Fan Tastic4949d ago

"What you don't understand is corporate politics. Microsoft wants both formats to fail so they can be heroes and make the world move to digital downloads. That is the dirty secret no one is talking about. That is why Microsoft is handing out $100 million dollar checks to studios just embrace the HD DVD and not the leading, and superior Blu Ray. They want confusion in the market until they perfect the digital downloads. Time will tell and you will see the truth.



razer4948d ago

Don't you think Toshiba would be worried if MS was trying to get rid of both formats?? Since Toshiba is the true backer of HD-DVD they have the most to lose. Just because MS makes an HD-DVD add-on people love to blame MS for all the formats woes. Did you know MS developed the codecs Blu-ray has used? You're welcome.

Snukadaman4948d ago

Just because he had some fanboy ps3 fanboys were angry with him and called his movies he is the next speilberg from reading some of the posts on the other bit of news....its as if someone fanboy likes blu-ray off a blog which most of you complain about getting news from anyways....and blu-ray is superior?? thats news too me..I thought they were both the same....?

GIJeff4948d ago

and toshiba are together on the zune already. Theres something wierd going on. I dont trust toshiba or MS right now. I would have to say that MS is funding toshiba, to try and fight an uphill battle, like the zune vs. iPod, just to try to do SOMETHING. I think this author might be on to something. and razor is a douche.

PS3PCFTW4948d ago

haha ...i love how hddvd AND BOTS twist things in their favor.


what is 30% of a 15% hold that hddvd has on the TOTAL WORLDWIDE hd format market?

(the other 85% of the hd market belongs to bluray)

theoneandonly4948d ago

If we are talking about online content and the digital marketplace, oddly enough Blu-Ray doesn't even own a single share instead.

So it just reversed itself, and the effect is the opposite.

HD-DVD has already grabbed the market and taken the chunks right out of online digital content.....

So when and if, Blu Ray catches up to it(whenever that is) it will be them once again following the leader.....Just like was the case with Xbox Live and the PC world, innovating online gaming to the nth degree...

They had to come out much later, just because they knew there was actually a future in the Xbox Live marketplace....As there is in the Digital Distribution world of the online markets all over the place..

deeznuts4948d ago

Funny you mention Spielberg, he prefers Blu-Ray too.

Why does Michael Bay's opinion matter? He might not be the definitive opinion, but it does matter. The fact you can say 'michael bay' without explaining who he is proves his opinion matters more than any of ours or other websites.

Transformers, no uncompressed or HD Audio, not enough space. Blu-Ray is superior on that front.

"Indeed, I had the opportunity to attend a special 'Transformers' media event with Paramount late last week, and the question was asked almost immediately -- why no Dolby TrueHD or uncompressed PCM? The studio's answer was that due to space limitations on the disc, the decision was made to limit the audio to Dolby Digital-Plus 5.1 Surround only (here at 1.5mbps). Unfortunately, this confirms the long-held theory that the 30Gb capacity of an HD-30 dual-layer HD DVD disc has forced studios to choose between offering a robust supplements package (as they've done here) and the very best in audio quality."

Snukadaman4948d ago

ahh well..another example of blu-ray/ps3 fanboys hypocrisy.

cuco334948d ago (Edited 4948d ago )

but every time a Blu-ray is encoded with the VC-1 codec, Microsoft gets paid.

Likewise the same applies for HD DVD.

MS will also profit if both formats win and if both formats lose (via VOD / DLC)

Here's something you probably already knew.. Michael Bay ain't sh*t. He makes eye candy movies, not classics. He talks out his ass most of the time.

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ITR4948d ago

I would be buying a A35, but I need a new laptop more now.

After talking with a ATT fiber installer...I think within 2 yrs DLing HD movies will be the norm.
ATT just installed fiber here with dedicated 28Mbps per house. ATT will also offer VOD in HD and HD TV to all homes in approx. 2 yrs. I was told however you could get whatever speed you want as long as you pay it as the fiber would support way more then 28Mbps. Comcast is rolling out next yr a 100+ Mbps service.
So I'm not sure what this will do to the formats, if the war goes on past 08' and I have a sneaking feeling it will.

MS might win this, if companies like ATT and Comcast get their way. All I know I want that ATT service.

beoulve4948d ago (Edited 4948d ago )

huh ITR, you just switched from HD-DVD to download content. AT&T in my local area suck, they putting stupid u-verse gimmick to combat Verizon FIOS. That u-verse just plain suck not even close to what FIOS have to offer. Comcast sucks as well, master of throttling or ban heavy user. So ISP already start to worry about their bandwidth with more increase digital content. For some reason, I don't think they're very keen to upgrade current bandwidth. They're are doing a "slow" rollout which took forever.

ITR4948d ago

Well right now I need a laptop more then I need a HD DVD player or any player for that matter.
We all have priories.
I still like HD over BD, but I also like the idea of downloading a 25GB movie in less then a hr.

greenenvy4948d ago (Edited 4948d ago ) doesn't have the penetration!!!!!

most of them are just buying more than one blu ray player to support sony, and most of them are ****

where-as with HD-DVD, people use it online all the time are getting ONLY HD-DVD and are using it even further to do downloads and media music types.....

30% market penetration is nothing to scoff at.....thats everywhere, even one day in japan...that sounds familiar...oh yea thats right, xbox live reached over 50% within its first year and a half...


MS has more then done their homework on the whole situation, so that even if blu-ray somehow wins in their home market......they lose & they lose the commodity of beautiful built in download distributions...

I can see it applying to everything in the future, from PC to 360 to USB flash drives......Microsoft innovates like nobody's business, $ony still copycats...

edit: disagree all u like sonybots, but you know its true.....XBOX LIVE will always be bigger than the secondhand PSN, & digital downloads will always become more popular!!

Relientk774948d ago

only 30%? I think it should be increased

Relientk774948d ago

only 30%? I think it should be increased