Who are you to Resist This God of War Art?

Kotaku: With over a decade's experience in video game concept art, Carlo Arellano has worked on some of the industry's biggest franchises, including World of Warcraft, Resistance and God of War.

In the gallery above you'll find examples of his work on the Resistance series and God of War.

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rataranian2919d ago

If it were a pic of Kratos I woulda said "ME! That's who!" ....But you had to go and show a pic of a girl showing half her ass so I clicked. GAWD! (of war)

falcon2622919d ago

Did you check out the chick with the boobies showing? She looks likes shes about to drop a deuce.

rataranian2918d ago

Haha! No I didn't until now. I do like the dude with the heads tied to his belt and the robot spider thing. Those are good drawings.