The excitement's gone from gaming - how can we get it back?

BeefJack: "With the likes of Call of Duty spawning endless sequels, and even new IP cashing in on existing popularity, gaming can sometimes feel like a chore these days. But all’s not lost, writes Patrick Lindsey – we just need to know where to look.2

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gamesmaster2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

well, sometimes i feel like the technological advances, visual bells and whistles in new games has had an opposite effect on immersion for me. I mean to say that once a game gets so detailed and 'real' whats left for the player to imagine? create? i feel an er of detatchment from the experience because my ingagement in it is minimal. simply controls with no real creative input to the universe im in.

or it could just be me getting older and more synical. take a good book for instance, im always amazed at how much i get into the story despite them being linear in nature but its because the reader has so much freedom to create this universe in thier mind. The immersion lies with the readers ability to visualise these things for himself using the minds eye (not using a graphics card etc) newer game fail to emmulate this for me, where as a child with cruder (visually) games i found myself thinking about the universe more, even when i wasn't playing the game.

skyrim is an exception here but marginally, theres so much going on in the game i find myself asking questions like, 'i wonder whats happenign in riften righ now' i'd like to think they're fighting another dragon off as i plunder through another cave.

thats just my take. but of course others will feel differant. i just grew up on story driven games, the rest was left to my little imagination and thats what used to be exciting.

kevnb2921d ago

its because they sacrifice things just to get shiny textures on console. The games turn into cover based shooters where you can only move down a linear path.

Slyfamous2921d ago

Get rid of Online Pass?

BuffMordecai2921d ago

Whoever disagrees must be a self-hating jackass.

DaReapa2921d ago

Nice article. There are so many factors that contribute to changing of the landscape of quality gaming this gen, many of which have been pointed out in this article. It's among the many reasons why I've added the PC to my gaming repertoire.

Jocosta2921d ago

Its because fresh, new ideas are risky business financially, so we get games like COD and Madden annually. looking down the road there is very little from PC, Ps3, or the 360 that I feel excited about.

kevnb2921d ago

move away from the two hd consoles?