Why The Wii U Will Change Console Gaming

The Great Gaming Crusade: "Nintendo’s Wii U is set to change console gaming. Specifically, it is set to permanently and radically alter the way people interact with games. Nintendo is set to not just change the way we look at controllers, but instead ready to change the way we experience gaming as a medium. Nintendo, with the Wii U, is ready to change the gaming world."

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DJMarty2931d ago

What utter crap.

PS3/PS Vita combo can do what Wii U can do anywhere, Wii U is tethered to just inside your home. Which is very limiting, even PSP did remote play anywhere, Wii U is clearly a step backwards.

SyluxPT2931d ago

your argument is invalid

Fishy Fingers2931d ago

You really think developers will but 100th the effort into making their games as compatible with the PS3/Vita that they will the Wii U?

Your probably just a bit of a Sony fan (to put it politely) so I wouldnt expect you to think about it rationally.

BuffMordecai2930d ago

It's not very rational to have a console with only one controller tied to it. That damn near pants on head retarded.

Optical_Matrix2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

The difference is with the Wii U, EVERYONE who owns one will be able to take advantage of the tablet/console cross gameplay features. Developers aside from Sony and a few other third party developers can't really push the feature when they don't know what percentage of the Vita market owns a PS3 and vice versa. At least with the Wii U, you can really push and innovate with it and not risk your hard work not paying off because the market isn't there. I think thats the advantage Wii U has over the PS3 Vita combo.

Same way Sony and Microsoft couldn't even dent Wii's sales with Move/Kinect because their peripherals weren't integral to the console experience from launch day, and to this day, still aren't. So as SyluxPT said, your argument is completely invalid.

death2smoochie2931d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

You have to have both the Vita and PS3 to accomplish what you are stating.

How many consumers will have that?

How many consumers will spend $250+ on a Vita plus the cost of insane priced memory cards, then buy a PS3 compared to consumers just buying a WiiU to do the same thing?

It won't be in the same ballpark you can bet the farm on that.

In other words, it won't be on the same level as the Wii U because out of the box the Wii U DOES THIS. The PS3/VITA does not as you need both AND game designers/developers then have to incorporate this in the game with estimating the market pool for consumers having both systems.
Good luck with that...

Developers will take this into consideration guaranteed.
All one has to look at is the DEDICATED games for MOVE compared to DEDICATED games for the Wii...

ALL GAMES for the Wii take advantage of the Wii remote because it is built in and part of that console experience.
You can count on one hand how many DEDICATED GAMES were made for the MOVE on the PS3.

This will be the same situation for the Vita/PS3 combination.

So your point IS INVALID as many stated above me.


The Wii U experience will be more cohesive because it is a part of the console experience and will be supported more by developers BECAUSE you do not need to buy another system to do this.
Moreover, the Wii U is built for this from the ground up.
But you can continue to think the Sony option is better.
Go with God with that if it makes you sleep at night on N4G.COM

DNov2930d ago

Not only will there be lag between the Vita and PS3 because the connection is a slow Bluetooth connection, but you will have to buy the game twice to play in a different room anyway. Think of the PS3 and Vita as a Cloud Saving System. Where you have to buy the game twice. Btw, the Gamecube connected with the Gameboy Advanced way earlier than the PSP was created. Not to mention, you already have limitations with only one PSN account per Vita and $115 32GB memory cards. What a pathetic argument.

wampdog292930d ago

No, you can't talk about things Nintendo did that long agao, that's where PS3 and Xbox fanboys seem to go the most wrong. They ignore anything prior to Xbox 360 and PS3...

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fatalis952931d ago

when nintendo said this was new i was like o_O didn't i just see the same thing at the sony conference? except better.

wampdog292931d ago

okay fanboy.... Did Sony have an HD Zelda game....

SleazyChimp2931d ago

Neither did Nintendo. Uh hello that was a video not an actual game. You all can praise the wii sales all you want, the fact of the matter is that games sell on the other two systems better. The biggest non-nintendo titles on the wii don't even come close to the sales 3rd party games on the other 2 systems. Why do you think the wii had no 3rd party support. I don't want to hear "But the wii u will be able to play all those games in HD now!" Its too little too late. MS and Sony will be launching new hardware in a little bit and once again the wii will be outdated.
If you are excited about the wii u thats fine and dandy, I hope the system does it for you. I'm just sick of hearing about how the wii dominated this gen and how wii u will dominate the world. Come on man. Everybody knows the wii is garbage.

CaptainN2931d ago

Actually sleazy that was a demo running off the actual preliminary hardware, not a game in the sense of it being completed, but being an interactive demo controlling camera and lighting proves it was no video. They could have easily let the audience "play" the demo if the wanted to, but its purpose was to show the effects of the console at its early stages and show that even though Nintendo developers haven't made a HD game yet, they were capable of making something from scatch within a few weeks that looks better than anything this current generation has going for it.

wampdog292930d ago

Thanks CaptainN for explaining it before I had to...

The Wii isn't garbage because as far as I can tell, there aren't any platformers or adventure games or motion control games to date that beat Galaxy 1/2, Metroid Prime 3 or Skyward Sword...

And, I'll reiterate the fact that the Zelda tech demo is called a tech demo for a reason: it isn't a video of a game, it is software running on the console at the time of viewing. It is being drawn on screen by the Wii U. That Zelda demo was amazingly beautiful for taking only a few weeks to make... Did you notice that there were absolutely NO jagged edges? You may want to rewatch the FULL version in HD and then come and tell me any other consoles can do that right now.

Sithlord-Gamble2930d ago

Like he said; WiiU will be outdated within 2yrs after it comes out bc of the new ps4/xbox720... So it doesn't matter.

I love how people wanna argue about the Zelda tech demo, that's all it was as if stated urself.
Besides, do ur research: EVERY multiplatform game shown for the WiiU @ E3 was PS3/Xbox360 gameplay! And that's been CONFIRMED. And also pretty sad... Use ur competitors platform to build excitement for ur own console? What a joke.

DNov2930d ago

What's sad is when PS3 and 360 fanboys thought the PS3 and 360 footage of games looked worse than PS3 and 360 games just because it was at a Nintendo conference. Btw, last time I checked, Zelda was a Nintendo exclusive, and therefore is made by Nintendo. You can ask anyone at the Nintendo conference, or check a YouTube video. You can see people changing the time of day, and therefore the lighting, and also change the camera, all in real time, invalidating your argument that it was simply a video.

Titanz2931d ago

Wii U + Upads + 3DS + Wii remotes + Wii board + Wii software = purchase.

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