Hands-On Preview: Prey 2 - Electronic Theatre

Prey 2 casts the player as US Marshal Killian Samuels, a ‘badass bounty hunter’ in an alien sci-fi world. The videogame begins with a plane crash on The Sphere (as was seen in the original Prey), with Samuels exiting the plane. This was the first level Electronic Theatre witnessed, and started with a linear walk amongst the wreckage. The usual text based commands for a tutorial leads the player to their first confrontation: slaver aliens. The unique sprint/cover mechanic is presented here, allowing the player to dash, grab, vault or slide based on a context sensitive control system. Said to be inspired by Mirror’s Edge, the sprint/cover mechanic in Prey 2 doesn’t require any specific signposts, simply based on the understanding of player recognition; working in much the same fashion as Brink, the difference is simply a case of superior visual delivery in terms of animation.

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