Xbox dashboard just got better - first look video

A look at the new Xbox 360 dashboard and its features. Msxbox-world takes a look.

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aviator1892919d ago

It'll take a little getting used to, but I really like it so far.

MasterCornholio2919d ago

I wish Sony could do something like this to the PS3 OS but they cant due to the ram limitations. Oh well at least the Vita has an OS that I like better than the 360 one so it isn't that bit if a deal to me.


BuffMordecai2919d ago

I like how on the ps3 you know where everything is; this used to be the case with the 360 until this update. Its seriously a mess trying to find some content. I finally figured out how to change my theme and find Arcade games, but I found the older dashboard so much better.

BuffMordecai2919d ago

I guess other people just love their layout to be a clusterfuck.

Animal Mutha 762919d ago

Like anything it will take a while to get used to. It's not fair to pass final judgements on it yet. A bit like the Berlin map on Black ops its growing on me over time.

Having used a preview dash for a few weeks I found myself getting used to the locations of the content and ended up using the controls in new ways to get to my favourite parts. Love the voice control to look through the game markeyplace.

We are very lucky to have such investment and development in an established product.

its come so far since 2005.