The TMMN Megacast #15 – Capcom vs. Capcom

The Mega Man Network writes: "Two is better than one. That’s just science! So we’re giving you a show with double the hosts and double the guests. While Heat Man and myself (Main Finger) fight for ultimate podcast host supremacy, returning guest Greg Moore and newcomer (both to the show and the company) Brett Elston must battle to the death to find out who is the biggest Mega Man fan at Capcom Unity.

After the standard interview, Heat Man decides to put Brett to the test with a pop quiz of mega proportions. We then talk about Heat’s adventures at Tamashi Nation and his journey to get the comic version of the X figure along with other wacky Japan adventures that may or may not involve Maid Cafés. Speaking of Japan, we spend some time admiring the effort of Rockman fans building up a community and talk about Rockman Unity. To top it all off, we discuss the logistics of trollin’.

All this and more on our double Capcom employee infused, Mega quizzical podcast: Capcom vs. Capcom."

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