Grand Theft Auto III screenshots & device info

Action-adventure game Grand Theft Auto III will be launched on December 15, 20111 on App Store for new new generation iOS (selective) and for Android devices. The devices that will be compatible to Grand Theft Auto III are as below:

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nevin12925d ago

No PSP/3DS/Vita version?

Pikajew2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

Its cheaper to do this

It will also look better on Vita and 3DS.

mistajeff2925d ago

looks like my og droid X will have to sit this one out :-(
i need to grab me one of those tegra phones.

what i REALLY want is for them to port chinatown wars to android. they put it on ios years ago, and the thing was built on the DS, so it should be able to run on pretty much any android phone out there.

Brawler2925d ago

Makes me mad they originally said was going to work on the Galaxy SII but they dropped support for it for a crappier Galaxy R device which int as powerful. I mean come on the Galaxy S2 Sold over 10Million devices as of September thats a huge market they are losing.

Kurisu2925d ago

20111? That's ages away!

brettyd2925d ago

no kindle fire? weeeaaaaakkkkkk

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