Modern Warfare 3: Annihilate Your Targets By Abusing SitRep Pro Effectively

Pinoytutorial: Here's a quick guide teaching how to use Sitrep Pro perk effectively on killing your targets in Modern Warfare 3. The louder your volume, the better!

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Jobesy2924d ago

Sorry, but that heartbeat sensor is a bitch attachment. I hate seeing a killcam and there's a corner camper with a heartbeat sensor.

MSpence5162924d ago

Not everyone who uses the sensor corner camps. I use it and I hate camping. I have no patience and just can not do it. Trust me I have tried. I end up moving a couple seconds after setting up shop. Maybe I got ADD or some sh!t.

I feel you though.

FAGOL2924d ago

I would use sitrep pro but the sounds of my own footsteps are just way too annoying.

And I can't play like the guy in the video. Sitting in a corner and waiting for the kills come to him. It's just boring.

Have some fun.

DirtyLary2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

Video tries to act informative but it's just disguised showing off.

FragMnTagM2924d ago

Basically, use the worst attachment for a gun in the history of video game shooters, and sit in a corner like a little bitch.

Great strategy. I love messing these kids that do stupid shit like that up.

JeffGUNZ2923d ago

haha I know, all he did was camp and use the noob attachment. Congrats pal, my nana can do that.

LOOK_AT_THIS_I2924d ago

"what I hate is those guys that run around with Stingers and stuff that takes out my killstreaks cause they cant get kills"

lmao...what a fag. what he is really saying is "I am a corner camper who uses a bitch ass attachment and complain because others use strategy to get rid of my cheap ass perks".

Truth aside, I love the awful spawning process. My k-d ratio proves that. I was killed over 10 times in a row by that. I got shot, spawn up into a grenade, shot in the back, taken out by kill streak helicoptor 4x in a row, every time I spawned up it was out in the open underneath helicopter for the magical bullets to take me out,shot in back again after getting away from the heli, (suprise, another cheap ass kill streak death from the plane), and then a legit death by getting shot in the foot with 2 bullets as the outline behind me shows bullets everywhere except in my body.

Games broken, Im not least it runs better than Black Ops did around launch.

flyinrhyno2923d ago

I run around with a stinger and blind eye pro to take out anything that flies overhead. i love shooting down escort airdrops lmao

LOOK_AT_THIS_I2923d ago

me too...would love for them to have included a proximity chat so I could hear the guy bitching about his killstreak getting smoked. lol...brings out an evil smile every time one gets dropped.

JeffGUNZ2923d ago

Exactly. I have the stinger equipped on every class. This guy is a camping piece of sh*t. He is the exact reason I use the stinger and take out air support before it even arrives. I also use support streaks and have the EMP ready for use once someone calls in a big killstreak. Nothing makes me smile more than having these campers call in a killstreak and I wait till it is about to shoot its first shot and then boom, EMP. I can just imagine how pissed and upset their pre-teen asses are.

flyinrhyno2923d ago

lmao i remember the first time i saw an osprey gunner fall out the sky because of an emp i was rolling, i didnt know that an emp could do that

JeffGUNZ2920d ago

Yeah, it's even better when their is also a recon drone and/or UAV in the sky and you take all three out.