Could Kevin Butler Appear as Uncharted 3 DLC?

"Just yesterday I was talking about how Sony mentions random thing’s in contests. Today we got a new Uncharted 3 contest known as “Find the Ring”. " - JPS

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admiralvic2929d ago

Haha. All I know is killing someone as Kevin Butler and doing the "Oh Snap" taunt or the dance he does in that one promo spot (Legitbusiness I think)would be simply priceless.

godofboobees2929d ago

KB in the Sony fighting game would be awesome

dcortz20272929d ago

LOL that would be so effin' hilarious. I hope Sony do decide to put him in the game!

Baddo_Ekkusuchi2929d ago

KB getting killed or shot is bad for his image tho

r212929d ago

maybe instead of dying, he disappears in a mist of blue gatorade and says 'nicely done my nemesis' >:D

r212929d ago

i'd buy the skin :D

Fez2929d ago

I would pay £100 to get my hands on this baby :D

KB should be in EVERY sony exclusive!! hahahahahaha, ha

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