Original Gamer Review - The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

Original Gamer: "There is just too much to play this year, and having The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim released alongside all those other big games has set me back months. Bethesda's new titan of a game has done better than any other Elder Scrolls game before it, and has made a strong imprint on Internet culture and grabbed the attention of a whole new audience of people. Just the other day my brother and law asked “What is this Skyrim thing I keep hearing about? It's everywhere!” He is a total non-gamer, keep in mind. And as someone who has been following the series since Daggerfall, it is very strange to see just how big the franchise has become. Now comes the obligatory question of “but is it any good?” So, is it?"

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BioWareShocker2923d ago

Reasonable review because no matter how much I love it I do see the faults in glitches and that does detract a bit of the experience.

armycore2923d ago

And god help you if you own it for the PS3.

BioWareShocker2923d ago

LOL tell that to my friend! I got it for 360 and he got it for ps3.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2923d ago

I own it on Ps3 but I have not experienced any of the issues people had with it. And I played over 100 hours.

pangitkqb2923d ago

75 hours in on PS3, 9.5 Meg save file, no trouble here.

Moving on, "brother and law?" Really? I editing at all? Not the end of the world, but it kinda boggles my mind.

andibandit2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

50 hours on PS3, suddenly the game started to behave weird, couldn't interact with npc's like normal and so on.