5 Reasons they should make Modern Warfare 4

There's a lot at stake in the FPS world right now, with the ending of the Modern Warfare 3 trilogy. But why stop there? Why is Modern Warfare potentially limited to a single set of three games? Aside from the undoubted outcry of squeezing the fanbase that would come with announcing another game in the series, there isn't much holding them back, or so it would seem.

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BioWareShocker2921d ago

Oh now this is the article I should have read first. Yeah count on it!

T9002920d ago

Next year they probably will have the COD Black Ops 2 DLC, MW4 DLC will follow later.

farhad2k82920d ago

Oh how gamers hate on such a successful game.
This game can maybe one day take over Facebook and Twitter, and show people what we so called 'nerds' are all about.
Instead, all they do is HATE.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

Hmm Reason "#2 One of the best plotlines in current FPS"
Not really, I play many Fps games every year and Call of Duty is memorable but I have played better in terms of Plotline.

TheWolfSage2920d ago

Hence "one of" not "The". Still, even games like Halo that are supposed to have better plots don't execute them well, despite the massive amounts of backstory. It may not have the best plot as in something you want to read, but it's certainly one of the best for how well it grips you and keeps you waiting for what happens next.

Soldierone2920d ago

If they go back to forumla and put emphasis behind characters like they did with Ghost, I agree entirely. However Modern Warfare 3 didn't feel that way, instead it felt it was pushing too hard to create something and it never really clicked emotionally or anything.

"Oh he died again" "Oh he is injured we need to get him out" "oh you just fell, time to black out and create a huge explosion with slow motion sequences of you getting back up"

I'm honestly surprised they didn't rehash the gun shot ending from past games, but then again they did do that in Spec Ops. I will admit that this far in the story its hard to create emotionally powerful scenes when the cities are pretty much destroyed and you have seen everything, but they need to find something or it wont have that COD4 or MW2 feeling.

CrazyRap2920d ago

Please no more CoD until next-gen.

papashango2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

Just think your going to get maps all this year, another cod with weapon/feature update all next year, weapon/feature update all year after that, same thing year after that.

20 bucks says next gen cod is the same cod engine running 1080p 60/120fps. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing as I enjoy my 120fps 1080p gaming very much.

Fylus2920d ago

Too bad it won't have the graphics to back it up.

CrimsonEngage2920d ago

Someone wake me up when we get a Call of Duty: FUTURE WARFARE with the Alien movie style pulse rifles and what not.

Cosmit2920d ago

You forgot the #1 reason. Because its FUN!

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