New Xbox Live TOS comes with a mandatory binding arbitration clause

GB : Just like Sony, Microsoft has updated their TOS, which states that you cannot imitate a class action lawsuit against them. Even EA did this with Origin a few months ago, when Battlefield 3 came out. So

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BioWareShocker2923d ago

Wow I guess they need to in order to protect their own selves.

DarkBlood2923d ago

well i wonder if they did it because they know they can't win against a Class Action Lawsuit but they can easly ingore a individual?

gamingdroid2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

The cost for an individual to sue far exceeds the gain by factors of hundreds of thousands once it's completed.

Who is going to sue anyone for a measly several hundred dollars which is what all these console stuff is worth? However, it leaves it completely open for MS and Sony to take advantage of their consumers!

You essentially lost your right to complain about anything!!!

r1sh122923d ago

this is only for the USA right?
We dont have class action suits in the UK/EU


who does not these days... with people using every excuse under the sun to try and sue to make a quick buck.

zeal0us2923d ago

Well probably won't be long before every major company does this.

Karooo2923d ago

Yep, i love how everyone was saying sony was the evil one lol.

xPhearR3dx2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

Well they started it, then EA followed, now Microsoft. So yes, they're the evil one. Just like EA is the evil one when it comes to Online Passes. THQ followed, then Ubisoft, then Sony for their exclusives. Who's next?

SilentNegotiator2922d ago


So, what? "He did it first!" is grounds for a moral backbone? There isn't any "THE" evil ones if a group commits a crime one after the other.

What makes a single person more guilty than another if everyone commits the same sin? Order? Precedent?

pr0digyZA2922d ago

"What makes a single person more guilty than another if everyone commits the same sin? Order? Precedent?"

By being the first in the order, a precedent is being set. This allows others to follow, knowing that if another company got away with something then so can others.

gamingdroid2922d ago

This s*cks b*lls!

I want companies to be accountable for their actions and by making it a binding arbitration and preventing class action lawsuits, it essentially means nothing will ever happen.

I don't agree with frivolous lawsuits, but I still believe some class action lawsuits has merit despite the fact that the consumer almost never get anything worthwhile from it.

It acts as a balance to prevent companies from abusing their power.

Sony started it, EA followed and now MS! This is BS!

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CandyCaptain2923d ago

Irks a bit, but I am still gonna play mine, no biggie.

Urmomlol2923d ago

Looks like someone's been reading Kotaku

GrumpyVeteran2923d ago

Funny thing is this wouldn't hold up in a court where I live.

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The story is too old to be commented.