Problem with new Xbox 360 Update? Here is Why

Recently, a brand new update was released for the Xbox 360 system and while some are enjoying the new update, others are having issues.

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TheBeast2924d ago

Finally got it working after 5 tries...

Criminal2924d ago

Just downloaded it. Looks better. I hope it'll run better.

JhawkFootball062924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

I cant even get online. Hoping they fix it soon.

EDIT: 10 min later, it allowed me to connect. Downloading the update now.

StanLee2924d ago

@ Criminal

It's terribly slow. More style than substance like all the dashboard updates. They make finding content more cumbersome and it's never very intuitive to use.

JhawkFootball062924d ago


You might want to get your xbox checked. I just downloaded the update and it is incredibly more faster. The whole dashboard feels smoother, especially when you bring up the guide in the game.

Captain Qwark 92924d ago


yeah something is def wrong with your xbox, it is blazing fast for me.

and fyi explore it a bit more, finding content could be easier now.

also the dashboards have gotten significatnly better with each version, i think somebody is just trolling......

crxss2924d ago

try signing into the website with your credentials. see if you can send messages or see friends online and then try again on your console. worked for me.

darthv722923d ago

seeing as this was posted 19 hours ago it is clear that the issue was overload on their servers. Trying to feed millions of users the new dash update was a bit of a strain.

ast forward to today and things are nice andd smooth. be fair, if you are in an area that is till experiencing issues then please be patient. 50+ million is allot to handle in a 24hr period.

i got up at 5:30 am and updated my 360 in only a few minutes and things were good to go as opposed to last night when I updated the kids 360. Even the zune marketplace wasnt working right then but this morning it was a ok.

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mugoldeneagle032924d ago

I had two updates to download, got the new dashboard, but won't connect to XBL at all.

Did pretty much everything troubleshooting told me to and still nothing.

Sucks, I just got Child of Eden tonight too

crxss2924d ago

same thing happened to me, i just got on LIVE though. had to sign-in to with my credentials and then that worked and was able to send messages via the website so i turned on my xbox and it connected. magic

mugoldeneagle032924d ago

Yeah, I ended up going through support and had to resign the User Agreement and five minutes later everything was up and running.

urwifeminder2924d ago

If you have kinnect make sure its on before you get the update i got an error turned on kinnect and all was sweet.

qwertyz2923d ago

I signed in to live on PC, accepted the terms of use then signed in to live on console and it worked. I like the new dashboard.

DasTier2923d ago

funny, mine dl'ed in 5 mins and worked perfectly since.

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hellvaguy2923d ago

After the update, my 360 wouldn't connect to live. I opted for the common sense approach and power failed it so it would reset itself. Works just fine now.

SSultan2924d ago

I couldn't get online. Tried 10 minutes later. Got online. Then I got an error before the update. Now I can't get online. I want to watch Netflix!


Recover your gamertag, and accept new T.O.S. problem solved.

vishant1012924d ago

cant get onto live to recover it :/

KMCROC542924d ago

been adding the apps, watched espn, have had no issue with sinc downloading it.

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The story is too old to be commented.