Rage Demo Hits Playstation Network

The demo for Rage is now available on the Playstation Network in North American and will be available in Europe on December 7th. It comes in at a size of of 1.85 GB.

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Derekvinyard132927d ago

yep, downloadin now! i was suprised to

TheXgamerLive2927d ago

what do you mean so early? It was available on the Xbox 360 LIVE about 2 to 3 weeks ago.

However, hella great game but based on it's sheer size it was way to short, I wanted more. Ending sucked too. But, there obviously will be a Rage 2.

Technically speaking, easily the most beautiful game ever.

dvfaa2927d ago

I played it for a bit on the PS3 and i would agree that it is pretty beautiful however the way it renders textures was annoying especially since the game ran at 60fps. you would run somewhere and everything was blurry as hell for a good 5 seconds..

but yeah from what i played it is a really fun game.

Fylus2927d ago

XGamer, you do understand sarcasm, right?

P_Bomb2927d ago

Smooth frames in the 360 demo & some nice visual pop, but the texture pop-in kept pulling me out of it once I learned I could trigger it on demand by just turning the camera fast. Will try the PS3 demo later to see if it's still there. Never finished the other demo. Too much fetching, and the mutants in the well were a bit bullet spongy for being half naked waifs, but I'll try it again...

Angrymorgan2927d ago


I think you might have missed the joke buddy :)

TheXgamerLive2927d ago

Yea Flyus, the game Two worlds 2 did the same thing, ifmoving fast had blurry textures, seemsa the way to have more on screen at one time, yet blurs when moving fast, still an awesome game.

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showtimefolks2927d ago

a very good game from a tech stand other than that its 10-12hrs of single player story witch is quite bad and ending sucks. On top of that for a kind of open world game there is no in game map.

and when i say single player is really bad it is, everyone sends you out to either clear the path of fetch quests. so pick this game up when its under 20 or even under 15.

Rageanitus2927d ago

Finished the game ;)

It really was pretty good the game... not sure what all the hate was about....

Only one true problem I found on the game the story ended abruptly

xPhearR3dx2927d ago

Agreed. Great game, terrible ending. People made it out to be like it was some horrible game. Kinda like people over exaggerating about all these "Game-breaking" Skyrim bugs.

xenophage2927d ago

Agreed. The ending sucked but I had fun with the rest of the game. Even the car combat was surprisingly enjoyable.

moegooner882927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

I am surprised that no one mentioned the terrible texture pop in, and texture loading, by far the worst i have seen this gen

I am talking about the PS3 version with the 7 Gigabytes install, and xof, i play plenty of games, so no need to worry about that ;)

xPhearR3dx2927d ago

Dude, they're barely noticeable. At least on 360 when the game is installed.

Xof2927d ago

Play more games, then.

Texture loading is so bad in Skyrim, for example, sometimes textures don't load. At all.


As for Rage, I'd be more interested in it if it didn't seem like a generic shooter in a generic post-apocalyptic setting. Sure, it looks pretty, but a competent color palette ain't enough to do it for me.

SolidGear32927d ago

Bought Anarchy Edition at launch and loved it. My only beef is that some textures in the Dead City chapter would fail to load at all and it looked like there was no AA. Other than that it was tons of fun :).

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