BF3 Back To Karkand: Problems and Purchasing Issues — ETA For Fix Soon

Update: Problems are being reported on EA after Battlefield 3′s Back To Karkand release earlier today. Expect the team to reveal its fix soon.

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Majin-vegeta2922d ago

Downloaded played it for an hour or so with no problems hope this gets fixed quick cuz these maps kick @$$ no one should have to miss out on these.

Hufandpuf2921d ago

I can't wait any longer, I'm playing the BF2 versions because the base maps in BF3 range from good to idiotic in design. Karkand, Oman, and Wake are the best in the series. let me make a list.

1. Karkand (BF2)
2. Wake Island (Almost every BF game)
3. Oasis (BFBC)
4. Backstab (Please remake this map!) (BFMC)
5. Mushtuur City (This one too!) (BF2)
6. Road To Jalalabad (BF2)

Worst maps:
1.Tehran Highway (TDM and Conquest) (BF3)
2.Op Firestorm (Seriously, they couldn't spread out the flags? There's SO much space) (BF3)
3. Caspian on Consoles (Barren wasteland) (BF3)
4. Op Metro (Conquest) (BF3)
Seriously, BF3 has some of the worst maps ever designed in the franchise.

khellendros12921d ago

I completely agree. The urban maps are too linear.

urwifeminder2921d ago

Backstab rules i put so many hours on that map one of the best multi maps in any game i ever played, i like wake island on 2142 a frozen wasteland also dug harvest on bc1.

Crystallis2921d ago

I find the infantry maps such as OP metro to be a blast to play. Big maps on consoles are great to look at but are not that fun bc of the 24 players limit to console.

MizTv2921d ago

just got this cant wait till i get out of work

Crystallis2921d ago

I played the new maps for about 3 hours last night. These are some of the best maps I've played in any FPS. They are so well done its amazing. Wake island is so stunning I got killed a couple of times just looking at the ocean and rush on that map is just heaven. I cant wait to get off work to play BF3 for another 3 hours.

sycnation2921d ago

Was gonna say the same thing. Agreed on all points

dantesparda2921d ago

Why arent these maps in the game? why are they being released basically a month after the game was released? and why are they so much ($15), when they should have basically have had been in the game. We as gamers are being ripped off. And why are we being made to download them in a patch? The whole deal sucks!

ElDorado2921d ago

as I recall the limited edition had the same price as the normal edition. If you didn't get the limited edition, you have to pay. I also think they should just give it free, but I have the limited edition so I can play for free.

FunkMcnasty2921d ago

I think most people probably got the limited edition which includes the Karkand pack for free. I was under the impression that to get a copy of the limited edition, you had to pre-order it, but when I went to Gamestop 2 weeks ago (to finally pickup uncharted 3!) they had a whole shelf of limited editions.

As for the price, I guess the content will let us know if it's worth it. I got BF3 on 360, so i'll need to wait a week for the new maps. But the amount and quality of content in Back to Karkand is anything like BF:BC2's Vietnam pack, we're in for a treat. That also was $15 and although it's the same price as a CoD map pack, keep in mind it's not only 5 new maps, but 10 new weapons and 5 new vehichles

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