Modern Warfare 3 - "Spawn Logic" Looked Into, "No Shotgun Buffs" and Much More

MP1st - Robert Bowling, a.k.a. Four Zero Two, shed some light on several issues troubling the Call of Duty community.

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StanLee2929d ago

Pump action shotguns need to be buffed. They aren't viable until you unlock Damage proficiency which is a grind. The only viable shotgun is the Striker because of its rate of fire, which is why it's the most commonly used shotgun.

Criminal2929d ago

Can you use a prestige token to unlock the Damage proficiency?

Mister_V2929d ago

That silly Type-95. Thought it could get away with being so awesome. But seriously, nice to see they're already nerfing guns so quickly. Took a while in past CoDs.

MizTv2929d ago

love shotguns but there isnt alot of maps i like to use them on

Criminal2929d ago

I rarely use them, but when I do, it'd be only on Mission and Dome.

Xenomorph2929d ago

Nothing about FMG9 akimbo? The most grossly overpowered gun in the game? I use them on all my classes because once I figured out how stupidly powerful they are (even over subs/assault rifles) its almost always worth it to pull them out in a CQC type environment.

xVeZx2929d ago

mw3 is the worst online experience i ever had

Swiggins2929d ago

You haven't been gaming long have you?

brettyd2929d ago

Its definitely the worst one to date (except for maybe 3). the maps are awful.

dcortz20272929d ago

Same here, I miss the good old Resistance:Fall Of Man and COD4 days. So much f*cking bullsh*t in MW3.

antz11042928d ago

I think a lot of ppl are still sour from MW2 and it carried over to 3. If this is a horrible online experience you really haven't played that much, or this type of fps isn't for you.

brettyd2928d ago

MW2 was alot better than MW3. Never really understood the complaints with MW2.

antz11042928d ago

Me neither.....always thought it was a ton of fun.

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