VGA 2011: PS3 Exclusive You Won't Believe Promo HD

Geoff Keighley feeds the hunger as the countdown continues to the huge reveal of a PlayStation 3 exclusive title at the 2011 Spike Video Game Awards, Saturday, December 10th on Spike!

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DrRichtofen2923d ago

This has definitely got me hyped, can't wait to see what Sony has to show us!

MsclMexican2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

I know I should be excited... but for some reason new IP's don't intrigue me....

I don't know what it is now, but it seems new IP's just seem boring.

I know they are the games that will change the industry, but at the same time, I want to know who is behind this game and what it is about.

The best New IP's that I continue to love are the Uncharted and Bioshock franchises. Also the Batman Arkham games.

I hope this game really makes me go wow, because that teaser that was realesed was kind of underwhelming

Army_of_Darkness2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

?!??! new ip's don't intrigue you, yet your mentioning all new ip's you like that only came out this gen?!?! WTF?! that don't make any sense?!

So this game is done by an amazing development team, which means it can only be Santa monica or guerrilla games!!!
Damn!! just picture a horror survival game made by one of them!! (@[email protected]) it's gonna be siiiiick!

LoneWolf0192923d ago

I dont think this is gonna be a brand new game. If its going to "blow our minds" its got to be something we all know. A apoclapyse game wont blow anyones mind unless its in the form of a game we know. Since we all been through the fallouts what more apoclapyse do we need other than Fallout mmo? lol

MsclMexican2923d ago

I think I should have been more clear...

This Ip really makes me question what it is. I have this horrible feeling that I will be an FPS, we still don't know who is making it and we still have no clue if THE LAST OF US is actually the title of the game.

They have been marketing this game as something that will blow us away... and so far im curious, but underwhelmed

MAJ0R2923d ago

sorry but is it just me or does Geoff seem to be over exaggerating?

NiKK_4192923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

Don't worry, I don't think you can become an FPS, at least not without realizing it.

Anyway, I'm really curious to what this is going to be, but I have a bad feeling that he is just saying a lot of this to make us watch the show. Oh well, I'll let myself fall for it anyway.

Can't wait to see what it is.

Trebius2923d ago

Whatever it is...just the fact that they mention every thing is "In game" and theyre showing us the whole "world" makes me think itll probably be a sandbox game or something along those lines that includes exploration and such. Im not excited, but im gonna watch the trailer for sure. Even if i dont watch the VGAs ill search youtube after it airs, itll be up'

DaveMan2923d ago

Your post makes 0 lick of sense.

You say new ip's are boring to you. Yet you go on to mention how you loved former new ip's like Uncharted and Bioshock.

I'm sorry but wat? Without new ip's you would never get a game like Bioshock, or Uncharted, or even Batman in the first place...

inveni02922d ago

I know that the recent teasers make us think it's a new IP, but has anyone officially stated that, yet? All I see coming from official sources says "PS3 exclusive" seems like we're just inferring that it's a new IP. Perhaps the "shock" has nothing to do with it being a new IP, but instead something new they're doing with an old IP (or IPs, plural).

Maybe they're just unveiling the Sony Smashbros....?

2922d ago
gaffyh2922d ago

God's sake, he's got me again. F***ing Geoff Keighley. This was the one time I was thinking, I'll just wait until the next day to find out, but now I really want to know!!


@Nikk- LOL

Diver2922d ago

can't wait to see cliffyb on stage announcing the sony survival horror game epic studio started work on two years ago for the ps3

morganfell2922d ago


Think about it. CliffyB said they were announcing a new game from Epic. There is a PS3 exclusive being announced. And two years ago there was this:

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Outside_ofthe_Box2923d ago

Here we go with HYPE again.

Remember when everyone hyped the long play teaser?
Everyone was speculating whether or not it was a new game and what not.

The same thing is happening with this new game. They to stop hyping it and let it be revealed at the VGAs sheesh. =/

Nitrowolf22923d ago

um wow. the Long Live Play Teaser was being hyped by us normal gamers and such.

This is coming from a man who works over at gametrailers. He has already seen the game

frostypants2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

Is this the same PS3 game that some other game journalist was going apeshart over a few months back? Some new IP he said completely blew him away and he couldn't wait to be able to speak of it? And then I don't think we ever heard about it again? Can't remember who the guy was...but I want to say it was this time last year, and I think he was British. All I remember...

This could be something pretty big.

adorie2923d ago

maybe everything is fake, leading up to the announcement for Spike, being the real deal?

this would be a good way to avoid leaks. well, at least help from keeping it from being leaked. lol.

DaveMan2923d ago

BELIEVE! I BELIEVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

saladthieves2923d ago

Okay all this excitement is causing my blood sugar level to run low!

beastgamer2922d ago

If it was GTA V It would be huge, but I doubt it.
I'm guessing
Resident Evil 6
God of War IV
Agent (nobody seen it)
guerrilla games (next ip which i believe to be shown at E3)

When I hear amazing developer, I have ideas of people like
Epic Games, Rockstar Games, Bungie, Naughty Dog, Kojima, Santa Monica Studio, guerrilla games, etc. I must watch VGA now!

frostypants2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

I almost guarantee it will be a new IP. It would take less to impress people with something as mundane as an exclusivity agreement or another game in an old series. I don't even think another GTA would be huge, because we all KNOW its coming, and the only thing that would be big news...i.e. exclusivity...wouldn't be "huge" in a good way, and wouldn't be something they'd hype in this way. I mean, it would basically make this an announcement that a bunch of gamers are getting screwed over.

This has the smell of something more groundbreaking and ambitious than anything like the above. My guess is that it sets some kind of significant console graphics benchmark and/or level of interactivity. It has that feel.

FFXI1012922d ago

"When I hear amazing developer, I have ideas of people like
Epic Games, Rockstar Games, Bungie, Naughty Dog, Kojima, Santa Monica Studio, guerrilla games, etc"

Who knows maybe Bungie is working with Sony on a new FPS game.

Undeadwolfy2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

Sorry to reply all the way up here, but we dont get Spike in the UK and theres no other way to watch the VGA's on TV. Anyone know where else I could watch it from? Preferably a Stream? Feel free to PM me, would be greatly appreciated thanks. :)

jdfoster2922d ago


You can wathc the VGAS on <-- they are the people that will be streaming it to the UK! (Source:- Geoff keighley)

Undeadwolfy2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

^ Thank you jdfoster. +Bubs <333

Xandet2922d ago

His mention of the developer being "amazing" has me intrigued. Sony Santa Monica? Naughty Dog? Valve? Or maybe, just maybe... could it be Epic?

Dasteru2922d ago

@WiseMan: You beat me to it lol, A LoD prequel would be awesome, get to be part of the dragoon war with rose/zieg and the rest of the original dragoons.


Dark Cloud 3

I can dream can't i?

Cyrus3652922d ago

It`s grand theft Auto 5.

frostypants2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

Why would they make a big deal over an announcement of a game we KNOW is coming? Announcing GTA5 would be like announcing that the sun will rise tomorrow. Remember, they said this had not leaked. And like I said in another post, they sure as hell wouldn't hype up an announcement, only for it to be an exclusivity contract. "Half of you won't be able to play GTA5! Merry Christmas! Ho ho ho!". Not gonna happen.

jdfoster2922d ago

Another teaser just been uploaded to lastofus website!!! FREAKY!!!

zeddy2922d ago

its a playstation home reboot.

Pocker2922d ago

The game is gonna be diablo3

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stonecold32923d ago

same here im looking forward to hearing more about this game

soljah2923d ago

guys a new game by guerrilla games sounds like a possibility. remember back in 2005 the kz2 trailer that no one would BELIEVE that could be real in game graphics. when it comes to visuals no one does it better then GG.

Torkith2923d ago

I couldn't imagine it being a new IP just by the sheer amount of hype it's getting. Sure you can hype a new IP but when no one has any idea what to expect from it it's hard to say "No one will believe." The only way I could see it being a new IP is if it was coming from say Bungie or Valve or Blizzard, etc. Other than that I really think it has to be some sort of remake or sequel to an already existing franchise.

beavis4play2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

what has me interested is keely says "nobody will have seen this coming" and "i can't believe this hasn't been leaked and nobody will believe what's been going on behind the scenes"..........sounds like he's talking about a franchise going exclusive to ps3.

i really don't have an opinion one way or the other - but when he says stuff like that - it's exactly what it sounds like to me.......and the only one to generate that kind of "big shock" is GTA - although i can't imagine rockstar ever doing that.

anyone else think of another game?

colonel1792923d ago

Agree, the only game that "we won't believe" is GTA, but It's almost impossible for Rockstar to sign exclusivity, even timed.

If it is not a new IP, it would be hard to be shocked. A new God of War wouldn't shock us, and actually disappoint since is to soon. Infamous, Uncharted, too soon.

I guess we will have to wait. Anyways, there's supposed to be some kind of update to the site tomorrow (

lastdual2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

Yeah, to be as shocking and unexpected as they're making it sound, it has to be from an existing IP, or at least an existing franchise within the larger entertainment industry, if not necessarily a game.

They're also hyping up the developer, so it must be from one of the big boys, and probably not one of Sony's first parties (as a new exclusive from someone like Santa Monica wouldn't exactly be "surprising!").

DaveMan2923d ago

Or it could just be a big game from a big studio..thats worth some hype imo

Optical_Matrix2923d ago

It MUST be third party, published by SCEA. The amount of hype this is getting. Lord have mercy.

WildStyles2923d ago

Man, he's really hyping this title. I don't think he'd be making a big deal out of a run of the mill game. Can't wait to see the reveal.