Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary: Rebirth of Console FPS Founder (Review) -

"The Halo franchise has done a lot for the Xbox and Xbox 360 platforms as well as the console gaming crowd. Halo was the first shooter to show that console players didn't have to be second class citizens when it came to the first person shooter genre. Ten years later, Microsoft has decided to commission 343 Studios to remake the original."

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Nick2120042928d ago

Been so busy with these other games, haven't had a chance to check this out yet.

Cajun Chicken2928d ago

It's great. Trust me, an utterly brilliant port.

jsslifelike2928d ago

Halo is set to re-ruin FPS games all over again!

h311rais3r2928d ago

Please explain how halo ruined them in the first place.

_Aarix_2928d ago

You got it backwards. Fps gamers would've been ruined if not for halo. So thank halo when you play resistance or killzone.

h311rais3r2928d ago

Killzone was created to be a halo killer and failed. I love kill zone but it ain't halo. Halo has its own charm. Each new game feels fresh and this remake brings my childhood back

jsslifelike2928d ago

Yes, thank you Halo, for turning FPS games into a bunny-hop-a-thon.

PhantomTommy2928d ago

It's still the only FPS that gives you freedom to play the way you want, it's an incredible game and this is a great version.

xboxguy2122928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

this game is an awesome reimagine nation of halo Combat evolved if the original Xbox had hd graphics.
the online though was kinda of disappointing because it was halo reach online instead of halo ce there where some of halo ce maps on the game but it mostly halo reach.