Why They Should Never Remake Final Fantasy VII

The Final Fantasy VII intro was remade with Unreal Engine. I hope this is as far as it goes.

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xxxAnubisxxx3099d ago

The Final Fantasy series has been GARBAGE since VIII... I haven't even been able to make it through the past several games because they've been so bad.

ChickeyCantor3099d ago

imo i liked FF9 more than 7.

Baka-akaB3099d ago

I'm with you here . There is a movement of people , obviously outnumbered but still there , that'd think FF7 is great , but not the ultimate best FF ... and outshined by another older FF (usually 6) and/or FFIX since it was aan almost perfect retro retreat .. and/or *gasp* even enjoyed FFXII

Software_Lover3099d ago

My favorite has got to be FF 8. I think 7 gets all the hoopla because of what it accomplished at its time in playstation, and gaming, history. That game just screamed GO BUY A PLAYSTATION NOW!!

And I did, lol. FF7, MGS, Tomb Raider. Those games marked the end of the Saturn.

Panthers3099d ago

Never played one before VII, but it was my favorite. I loved 8,9,10, and even 12. But FF7 will always be my favorite FF and probably even RPG.

Tanir3098d ago

if ff7 was remade everyone would complain,

they just need to do the final part of the compilation and bring it back to its roots, no dirge crap. Cloud needs to stop genesis from what ever he is doing and the game needs to have materia, and be an actual rpg.

and im sick of people saying ff6 was better than ff7 or ff7 is better than 10 etc, its ur freakin opinion, whether or not the ff7 lovers played the others fact is more people like ff7 than any other ff game so deal with it, that is so 15 years ago

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Game4life3099d ago

i don't know what your talking about. i enjoyed all of them except for final fantasy 11(XI)

Megaman_nerd3099d ago (Edited 3099d ago )

I sure didn't enjoy FFXIII or FFX-2. =/

And why the author say that FFXIII sales were disappointing when the game has sold nearly 4.7million just on PS3 and 1.7million on the Xbox? >_0

Game4life3098d ago (Edited 3098d ago )

ithe only final fantasy i didnt play through was ffx-2 only because i don't have it but I have played it and can say that from what I played, i did like it.

Zanarkand3099d ago (Edited 3099d ago )

I'm not against the new FFs or anything, just throwing it out there.

FF didn't end there, the FF name was good until FFX and that was imo their best installment. Be careful what labels you use.

solar3099d ago

Square should remake VI. VII gets so much love imo is the ps1 graphics at the time.

ChickeyCantor3098d ago

It's more what happens with one of the character near the end.

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Nitrowolf23099d ago (Edited 3099d ago )

I really like the turn base though, even bought the remake of FF4 and PS1 classic of 1-8. For me that gameplay was the best, not that much complex and yet still made you think.FF13 gameplay was nothing but mashing X, only used potions and such when I fought a big boss. Can you imagine what SE would do to FF7 gameplay if it was redone? That alone would make me want to skip it.

I think what fans (or most) want is just a graphical update to the game. We aren't looking for a new gameplay system at all or a huge rewrite of the story.

Also the reason why fan hate Sonic now is because SEGA stemmed to far away from it's original roots. They started experimenting with new elements, that's what got Sonic killed. Though Sonic Gen. Looks like it did good for the series.

IMO there are better FF games out there, but lets be real. SE is sitting on a gold mine here, why they aren't mining I don't know

Hicken3099d ago

If all SE did was give FFVII a graphical boost, people would be complaining. "Why aren't there voices?" "What about the music?" And so on.

I seem to recall that there was a good bit of stuff that got left out of VII, as well; I can't picture SE remaking the game and NOT putting that stuff in yet again. And that would change the game considerably, no doubt. Retconning certain portions of the story to fit in with Advent Children/Crisis Core/Dirge of Cerberus would further pull it away from the original.

In the end, the game would wind up not resembling the original by a whole lot, and people would be upset.

VII is a lose-lose-lose for Square-Enix: if they don't make it, they lose because people will complain about not having it; if they make it and pretty much just upgrade it graphically, people will complain that they should have improved a dozen other things, and that the remake was half-assed; if they do a full remake, people will complain that they changed too much from the original and ruined a classic.

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TopDudeMan3099d ago

Reason 1: It'll never be as good as the original.

ViralAyatane3098d ago

Reason 2: The horse has already died from Square beating it too often.

Zentrix3099d ago

i actually liked final fantasy 10 the most. Just because you don't like something doesn't mean it sucks xxxanubisxxx

Megaman_nerd3099d ago (Edited 3099d ago )

was FFX your first? because FFX was good but not comparable to FFVI, VII or IX if you ask me.

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