Ghost Recon Future Soldier Ghost Minute #2 Multiplayer Scoring System

In this second video Redstorm's Multiplayer Lead Game Designer Thad Sasser details how the scoring system works in Ghost Recon Future Soldier multiplayer, including team bonuses and XP boosts resulting from game objectives achievements.

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rbluetank2931d ago

he reminds me of a young Gabe Newell. the game looks promising. i can not wait to see more gameplay video.

BiggCMan2931d ago

When the [email protected]!k is this game coming out!!! It's been nearly 3 years!!

morganfell2931d ago

This is because the game design has changed multiple times. It was set and locked to be another GRAW title and then Christian Allen split and went to Bungie where he was justly and summarily fired. Tom Devries had a much better idea for the next game and was on track to become the creative lead and then something went awry there. Too bad because the guy is a brilliant designer.

urwifeminder2931d ago

I loved the last games i just dont like the stealth crap if its too much stealth i wont get it.

MidnytRain2930d ago

I thought stealth missions is why they were called ghosts. Also, there is optical camoflauge in the game, so there must be plenty of stealth options.

urwifeminder2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

I dont remember graw 1 and 2 being very stealthy at all a mission at night still had you shooting .