Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s Stardust Accelerator World Championship 2009 Rewind Review [Trendy Gamers]

Trendy Gamers: After the complete disaster that was the XBLA Yu-Gi-Oh! game, my faith in the series had almost all disappeared. So, when I saw this game at the pawn shop, it took me some convincing to pick it up but luckily, it restored some faith I had lost.

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zeal0us2923d ago

After watching yugioh abridge I couldn't take the series/game serious anymore.

TrendyGamers2923d ago

Abridge? Whats that?

I watched the new Zexal TV show and it is atrocious, they really need to bring back the original characters.

Majin-vegeta2923d ago

They basically make fun of it it's hilarious.

TrendyGamers2923d ago

Oh, I forgot that that is what it was called!

Yeah, those are hilarious.