Battlefield 3 - Surprise surprise; IRNV is still bugged after the latest patch

DSOGaming writes: "The PC version seems better overall, however you still can’t see – pretty much – anything. Not only that, but there is a crucial bug where the IRNV returns to the pre-patch state when your health drops under a certain point. Now that’s really awesome and we have a video of this bug in action. Enjoy everyone and yeah, DICE stays true to their roots and are introducing new bugs with each and every new patch. Hooray!"

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swishersweets200312927d ago

i have to honestly say this was one thing that dice should of just left alone. The people crying about where just babies. the scope is pointless now.. who wants to look threw a cloudy all green scope and it from what i see in this video gives off absolutely no heat signatures on anyone. just a big green dark shaded figures..

Majin-vegeta2927d ago

I agree man i would use it to spot mines in the Tunnel of Damavand peak and now i can't see them for s*it so now i just throw nades everywhere hoping to blow them up.

swishersweets200312927d ago

they better not touch the IRNV setting on the tanks or that will be bogus too. I think they should just bring it back to where it was just slightly dim it down its range for picking up people with the heat signature. the way it looks now people who are 4 feet from you are not even showing up. should be 50 to more feet away the effect of the orange should go away and dim down as the distance grows.

john22927d ago

It's DICE, you know that they will introduce a new bug with their new patch so they might F' up with the tanks. It's destiny :P

papashango2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

Who wants to play a game where all you see is 2 colors and I'm not talkin bout killzone.

I never complained about irnv but surprise surprise. As soon as it got nerfed I was dropping 30 kills a round again like I was at launch while everyone on the other team was hiding behind rocks and didn't notice me as I went on knifing rampages.

I'm actually ok with this bug since the tradeoff is they have low health

Micro_Sony2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

But but COD is garbage and BF is king.

Hate on COD all you want but its a much more fun game than BeeFee.

Software_Lover2927d ago

Much More Fun is an opinion. So because of one weapon addon you come to this conclusion? Awesome!!!!

Baka-akaB2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

Why are you guys foolishly acting as if mw3 was bug free then by default winning some contest ?

No amount of fixed bugs is going to convince some that COD isnt crap (myself included , and without even needing to throw BF3 into the argument) .

And vice versa obviously ... people already bought cod in masses at their worst buggy state with mw2 .

awi59512927d ago

You play modern warfare you support a company that steals IP's from developers to line their pockets with more money. I couldnt care less about what you have to say. You support companies that hold developers and their families hostage and refuse to pay them unless they sign away all their rights.

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h311rais3r2927d ago

No they were not. I have it and it is cheap. It blocks out everything except!!!! Players and equipment. Might aswell play space invaders at that point.

co0p112927d ago

The IRNV is for noobs anyways. You shouldn't be able to use it on any daylight maps anyways. Hope it stays broken.

SpaceFox2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

Infrared night vision IRL works very well during the day.

All they had to do was decrease the range, not add a cloudy effect that quite literally blinds you.

Legion2927d ago

Some people keep hearing night vision part and think it has to be used at night. And have watched too many movies like Silence of the Lambs and think it is the same type of setup.

IRNV is closer to FLIR then night vision goggles. Having multiple capabilities of not just infra red and night vision but also allows for thermal identification in conjunction. Similar to many high end cameras that are available on the market today.

We use a similar system to see aircraft against bright background of the sky.

Why I wasn't allowed to wash my camo in specific detergent to reduce my signature in the field, as it would ruin some of the capabilities of camo I wore.

Somebody2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

In Firestorm and Caspian, I used the Zoom Optics since I'll be engaging enemy tanks from far away. Using IRNVs in those maps is rather pointless since I'll be avoiding the roads (thus avoiding mines) and the horrible shades of white affect made range estimation hard.

Demavand and Tehran Highway are the opposite. You have no choice but go through one or two roads thus encountering mines all the time. They are dark and tight - not a very good place for a tank when everyone's an engineer or a C4 packing support class. IRNV is important in these maps.

As for IRNV on rifles, they are primarily used to detect campers hiding in the corners or bushes. A couple of times I heard some enemy voice shouting for ammo in the grass but got killed looking for them. When I put on the IRNV in my next respawn I can finally see him and deal with him.

Yes noobs tend to misuse IRNV but they are still important considering the dangers of hidden mines, Claymores and people sticking their body half way into concrete/rocks. Having them terribly nerfed to the point of uselessness is not really that smart.

Software_Lover2927d ago

I cant see $h!t with the new IR, on the dark maps. NOTHING AT ALL. Useless now.

Legion2927d ago

Exactly the opposite of what you would expect. If the enemy is in the dark then you can't see them. If they are in the light then you get that slight glow now.

They said they were going to just reduce the distance on it so that it wouldn't shine the people farther away. But in these shots it looks like they nerfed it to the point where you can't even spot MAVs and/or mines.

Hicken2927d ago

"Surprise, surprise."

It wouldn't be bugged in the first place if whiny ass people hadn't bitched in the first place. There was absolutely nothing wrong with the scope to begin with.

urwifeminder2927d ago

Still like 2142 more but ive only played bf3 on console not a good indication of the game at all.

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