What is in a Name: HD-DVD name is a burden

The folks over at TripleTags got a gift that opened the rant floodgates.

"To the layman, HD-DVD can seem like a DVD that will display at HD and not a new format. It can be viewed as an HD upgrade to DVDs and not a native format. This creates a unlikely 3rd party in the format war, DVD itself."

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gamesblow4876d ago

no, I just think people want Blu-ray and that's that. It's been proven ,actually... 73% of all Hd-sales are blu-ray. Blu-ray movies... that speaks volumes, folks. It's nothing to do with the name... it's the content and movies available for the formats. Simple and clean.

TripleTags4876d ago

the question is why? and your comment validates the point .. you called it HD Sales. The name is CRUCIAL for any marketable item. Pretend for a minute your choices between "Super HD Format SHDF" vs. "Upgraded High Def Movie Format" or "Gold Bars" vs. "Silver Bars" or "Granola" vs "Turds".

marinelife94876d ago

That article makes a point I never thought of. HDTV + DVD Player = HD-DVD.

mikeslemonade4876d ago

The people who are ignorant about buying it just for name probably haven't even bought one yet. Everyone buying a standalone movie player right now is pretty hardcore and they usually know a thing or two between blu-ray and hd-dvd. You won't get the mindless individuals until the the movies drop to $20 and when the players drop to $150-$100 or lower. They also want more software because those people who don't know what hd-dvd is probably doesn't care that much about the resolution yet.

PS3PCFTW4876d ago

haha......wat about tits versus ass?

hmmm i say ass wins.

anyways its failing becus ms is involved.

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gamesblow4876d ago

I honestly believe people thought HD-dvd was gonna sale on namesake... When The Blu-ray company is basically disproving the name theory everyday in terms of sales. If a consumer is interested in a product, they're going o do research about it.

Blu-ray sounds nothing like Hd or DVd... However, consumers are quickly making the assumptions that it is the bar and standard for Hd content without drawing the comparisons in namesake.

Blu-ray just sounds better. They're packaged better and, although, they might be more expensive and will remain so for some time... people still know, from research, that blu-ray has the longest legs and most potential on which to stand on for their consumer dollars and future.

That's my take.

HarryEtTubMan4876d ago

I sure wasnt a burden before they started getting SPANKED by Blu Ray. Excuses and sore losers that will soon be giving up is all I see on the HD DVD side.

kewlkat0074876d ago

will be viewed as the continuation of DVD brand which is already synonymous with movie watchers.

I swear some people think Blu-Ray is some new missle defense system...

It's really not about what sounds better. correct me if I'm wrong doesn't Blu-Ray uses that color of the light spectrum to read pits on the disc? I wonder how the name came about?

Either way, whether you think it sounds cool or not, the continuation of a well established medium's name is a little easier for people to get comfortable with as opposed to a totally new format name.

When someone ask what is HD-DVD, it easy to just say it is a "High Definition Resolution of DVD's as opposed to Blu-Ray, but I get what the article is trying to say though.

Another thing, I think HD-DVD disc are the same size as DVD's since they use the same manufacturing bus lines, which is why it's cheaper to produce.

Example: Gamers are very comfortable upgrading from a PS1-->PS2-->PS3 as opposed to buying a totally new console, in this case a Xbox 360..etc

Example: Xbox and Xbox360, you still have the core "XBOX" in the name.

TripleTags4876d ago

And that right there is the problem that HD-DVD needs to overcome. Its own technological history vs. its marketing and in store positioning.

PirateThom4876d ago

"It's really not about what sounds better. correct me if I'm wrong doesn't Blu-Ray uses that color of the light spectrum to read pits on the disc? I wonder how the name came about?"

Actually, both HD-DVD and Blu-ray use the same violet lasers, 405nm. The biggest difference is that Blu-ray has a bigger "numerical aperature", faster data transfer and a mandatory hard coating for discs.

Kleptic4876d ago

Blu Ray discs on their own are more susceptible to scratches, I am assuming because of more layers and pits (more "compression", if you could call it that)...which is why its required to have the hard surface coating, making it more resistant to scratches than any other disc of that size...but its also worth noting that the expense comes in the form of tooling the presses and burners...once the manufacturing facility is set up, BD is cheaper than HD-DVD on a per disc in the long run, the manufacturing setup expense pays for itself...although I can't find the article that mentioned that...

also...I am a little confused on your "XBOX" name comparison...the Playstation brand has always done the same thing...the 360 for the 2nd gen xbox was only to compete directly with the Playstation 3...the Xbox 2 vs. the Playstation 3 would have obvious advantages to consumers...

the Xbox 360 name doesn't compete with the original Xbox anymore than the PS3 competes with any other PS branded item...

Vip3r4876d ago

If HD-DVD was to win the format war and was used to PC games and recorded videos etc then it would sound stupid seeing that here is nothing HD about it. To me Blu-ray just seems better say and it doesn't just mean HD.

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