GTA V will appear in VGA?

Not a single definition for every game, every single name in an organization that is the name Geoff Keighley Twitter muttered something. Did not escape our attention, Geoff's Twitter he wrote the word "you will not believe the PS3 Exclusive" on behalf of the special things that the PS3 has been the future. Grand Theft Auto V, to tie it sounds stupid but it makes sense. First, on behalf of the new Grand Theft Auto V, crisp details, trailer, or a new version of the PS3 with Grand Theft Auto V, the first announcement of the opening. These things, because the usual VGA, Spike TV and Gametrailers is famous as the infrastructure support. The other ingredients, LA Noire PS3 version of the approach of another type, long ago announced that the logic Agent game this game, it may be the usual things.

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MultiConsoleGamer2931d ago

It doesn't make any sense at all. It would be financial suicide to make GTA exclusive to any platform. And the 360 version of GTA IV outsold the other versions by a wide margin.

However, just to play devil's advocate, if the game did show up as PS3 exclusive it would be a guaranteed megaton. Just don't hold your breath.

BattleTorn2931d ago

It would great to see a sandbox game go PS3 exclusive, so that it could take advantage for the it's hardware, and disc space....

but the money just isn't there

_Aarix_2931d ago

Rockstar made very large open world maps on 1 DVD. One disc was all that was needed and even if rockstar had a bigger format to make it bigger they wouldn't cause it would be worth the money to make such a giant game

Half-Mafia2931d ago

I know VGcharts aren't the best source for data but GTA4 360-9.21m, PS3-8.68m. i wouldn't say thats a wide margin, considering back then the 360 had a much larger install base gap. Anyway back to this article GTAV just had its trailer and its to early for a new one. and on top of that R* doesn't need to show up at the VGA's like they don't go to E3, they are to big for these places.

dark-hollow2931d ago

gta v already announced as a multiplatform

belal2931d ago

GTA5 is not exclusive thats for sure, but we might see another ps3 exclusive besides the last of us, maybe the super sony smash brawls game.

T3MPL3TON 2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

"GTA V will appear in VGA?"

First of that should say, "Will GTA V appear at the VGAs" but I'm nit picking.

The answer is short.


Rockstar doesn't do shows.

As far as exclusivity, the most it'd be is 6months like it was with GTA4

spacedelete2931d ago

is anyone really surprised ? GTA has always been a Playstation series just like Halo and Splinter cell are Xbox games.

GTA San Andreas sold 17 million on the PS2 alone so that says something.

anyone remember the PS2 days were GTA 3, VS and SA were an timed exclusive and the GTA stories games were and still are only on PSP and PS2.

YodaCracker2931d ago

And this gen, the GTA IV DLC episodes were timed Xbox 360 exclusives. Times have changed since last gen. GTA no longer favors the PlayStation console.

spacedelete2931d ago

$50 million will make anyone do anything.

GraveLord2931d ago

Wow that google translation is horrible. Makes no sense.

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