"The Secret Formula That All Of Gaming Rests Upon" or "Why Wii U Will Win"

In ten years of writing about the video games industry, I feel this is my best article. In it, I discuss the pattern that has emerged after seven generations of gaming and why, because of it, Nintendo has the best strategy for the eighth.

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Shok2931d ago

I FEEL that that Wii U will win. It's [most-likely] going to be the weakest console of next-gen, and history shows that the weakest console always wins (PS1, PS2, Wii)

And it's going to have a head-start over the NextBox and PS4, which will give it an obvious advantage especially since it will price-drop before the other systems.

theonlylolking2930d ago

The PS1 and PS2 were still close to the most powerful console. So those are not justifiable examples. The wii however is xbox 1 powerful in a gen where consoles are many times more powerful than the last gen.

2930d ago
Computersaysno2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

Nintendo fanboy says nintendo will win. Not without a well developed dedicated online service, quality third party titles and more appeal to the core gamer. Not for me. By launching first they have also given away their hardware and concept strategy to their competitors allowing then time to also adjust their next machines to directly assault Wii U. A lot of wii' success was that there was nothing else on the market and the response and acceptance of it by the rivals was sluggish, whereas this time they can see it before they have to launch...

I think that Wii U is at serious risk of getting left behind if Nintendo do nothing to enhance their social connectivity and experience online. The kids that might have loved wii 5 years ago will be teenagers now or soon inside the next cycle. This is how nintendo were locked out after the SNES, SNES brought in the newest gamers, and they grew up, became teens, and playstation stole them away with a more mature content catalogue. They graduated up from their youth gaming. I believe it could easily happen again if Microsoft and Sony nail their online networks for a new generation and Nintendo will miss the boat completely. These kids want a facebook networked social experience of consoles when they hit their teens, not a sealed off isolated world that wii is, fine for the time but not good enough to keep the generation of kids and young families it won over for another 5 years

kramun2930d ago


Even if those kids, as you say, grow up and move onto a Sony or Microsoft console, there are more kids to take their place, millions of them.

This is a short sighted view anyway, the wii is popular with families because it allows the whole family to be involved. Lack of online social networking has not detracted from it being a social experience, and I doubt the majority of wii owners care about the lack of it.

Skip_Bayless2930d ago

Actually Shok is wrong on all three claims.

PS1 and N64 both had their strong points on the hardware side. PS1 had an huge advantage in disc space and the 64 processor was stronger but the cartridge couldn't hold that much data.

Dreamcast was the weakest last generation.

Wii is strongest because it's not a current generation console. Wii is last gen. It's 2nd place behind PS2.

WiiU is last place right now with 0 units sold this generation.

Computersaysno2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

Sure there are always more kids and more families, but Nintendo should be targeting the audience it currently holds as much as another generation of youngsters.

I thought this was blindingly obvious my point when i referenced SNES and then playstation eras? Playstation targeted the SNES and Genesis era gamers and as a result won pretty much all of them while Nintendo still tried to make just a newer machine without addressing the fact most of their audience had aged, grown up and so and it failed. They lost that audience completely, and have not regained it, now the 30 something crowd bashing away on PS3 and 360.

Its a LONG sighted view because whereas Wii made money on the hardware and be damned with the poor software sales and attach rate, Wii U will cost more and Nintendo will not be raking it in on hardware. Nintendo admit this. They will not have the cheapo console option. They have to target the machine to a userbase that will buy games and that means core gamers.

So saying the majority of families couldn't or wouldn't care less about a good online network is actually the short sighted viewpoint you have kramun...... if Nintendo want to survive and retain much of their current userbase.

Lets price a console to be a core gamers console at least as much as the other core consoles, and then pitch that to core gamers who want a good online network when we don't have one? Or pitch it as a full priced console at families who do not have the cash for it? One way or the other this could be a major fail.

360 and PS3 evolved massively and are now entertainment hubs and incorporate family experiences. Wii just didn't evolve and Nintendo just didn't learn again. Which is why the sales of PS3 and 360 are still rocketing along and wii's are failing.....

What has Nintendo actually shown from Wii U that will mean it can enter the marketplace as probably the most expensive console and then beat up 360 and PS3 which most core gamers already own? I feel there is gonna be a HUGE ? over Wii U, who is it really gonna offer value to (besides nintendo fanboys) if its the most expensive and the least developed as a core machine.

stragomccloud2930d ago

Actually the Gamecube was a lot more powerful than the PS2. However, with the lead console always being the PS2, this was seldom noticeable.

ChickeyCantor2930d ago

"brought in the newest gamers, and they grew up, became teens, and playstation stole them away with a more mature content catalogue."

This is so true,
The only reason I'm playing GTA is because I can do a hooker. I'm mature you see!


Computersaysno2930d ago

I think it is completely undeniable that PlayStation was the first console to comprehensively cater for a more mature gaming audience that had typically grown up with Nintendo and Segas. I count myself as one of the many millions in this category, Playstation was right there, at the perfect time to take advantage of this audience looking to move on and upwards from Mario and Sonics.

Grand theft auto was also one of the first mainstream massive selling games, really huge games that incorporated adult content. Some had gone before like Resident Evil, but GTA really did help pave the way for the CODs and Gears of this world, 18+ rated games that sell in vast numbers. Nintendo had very little contribution to this phenomenon, if nintendo had their way everyone would still only be playing Mario and Zelda.

We see an online culture developing for youths and teens that means you will HAVE to incorporate a quality online network for your machine or you will be history when it comes to the core gamer market. The core gamer market is the one that is gonna pay $400+ for Wii u on launch, not casuals and families.

In other words, who exactly is gonna pay $400+ at launch for a console such as Wii U without mature content titles and advanced online gaming that drives the core industry?

Nintendo nuts, and thats it.

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dark-hollow2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

You what nintendos problem???
Little to no third party support+weak online+ outdated hardware.

Imagine if the wii had hardware and online service on par with the 360 and the ps3 and the same third party games.
Lots of great games are missing on the wii!
Bioshock and skyrim and gta and mirror edge and TONS TONS more!!
If nintendo had those games and a great online service then it have a chance to outsold the ps2!!! Their exclusives are second to none but the need third party support too!!
Hell it might top off the ps3 as my faviorite system this gen, but alas!

DA_SHREDDER2930d ago

Their exclusives are second to some. They've yet to prove they know anything about online gaming. If they did I would imagine Nintendo could be even bigger than it is now. Imagine if Metroid was an online shooter? Or if Zelda was an MMO. The devs at nintendo always using old tech, and fail as much as they are critically acclaimed. They need to grow up as much as they need to be a kids toy. I'm a Nintendo fan since the first NES, but don't ever count out 3rd party support. Sony came out of nowhere with these games that are ridiculously good and only on their platform. Microsoft is a testament to what I'm saying. They lived off of third party support after Halo. Look what happened to Sega. Anything can happen. Shareholders and CEO's are the ones screwing everything up and holding generations of games back. Miyamoto, KB, Kojima, those are the people who need to have more say so, but they can only go so far when the big wigs want to cut cost, they cut cost. Money is and always be the achilles heel of console gaming.

metsgaming2930d ago

Plus the fact they dont create any new ips, this is there biggest problem imo

juegosmajicos2930d ago


Nintendo creates new IPs all the time, actually:

EvilTwin2930d ago

If the Wii's graphical horsepower was on par with the 360, it wouldn't have launched at $250, undercutting the competition and paving the way for its success.

There are glaring holes in the Wii (Nintendo certainly didn't do themselves any favors with friend codes or its arbitrary WiiWare size restrictions), but commensurate power of it was never the point, which is linked to why third parties never really embraced it.

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B1663r2930d ago

The WiiU is not a next-gen console. It is a this-gen-point-five console. It is designed to keep Nintendo competitive for the next 3-4 years before the NextBox and the PS4 are launched.

yabhero2930d ago

I'm nit sure how you can pass judgement on that since we don't officially know anything about WiiU except what it and it's controllers look like... For all we know it could get a hardware update before September next year and end up being 6 times more powerful than PS3 and on par or ahead of other next gens... See we don't know anything yet...

sulaymanqazi2930d ago

thats soo not true. is the 3DS, a gen point 5? NO! its an all new gen. same with the WII U. im sorry but your just an idiot...

Titanz2930d ago

Isn't the PS3 more powerful than the Xbox 360, and multiplatform games sell just as well on both hardware platforms?

The Wii U will have; HD visuals, a better online service (no friendcodes), BC with Wii accessories and software, and Nintendo exclusives in HD.

It'll take more than, "Graphics" for the 3rd party developers to ignore Nintendo this time around.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

If winning is directly related to sales then yea Nintendo could be the potential winner. Many people called the ps3 a trojan horse for blu ray and 3d but the wii was a trojan horse as well. It broke into the casual market and created new gamers. Those gamers will almost definitely want to upgrade to the wii U by name brand alone. And I feel the wii you will be more of a core system. Heck I might even buy it (prolly not).

But if winning is related to games then it's Sony. And it'll always be Sony. It'll be a sad year for gaming the year SONY doesn't have a huge line up of games. Both new and classic. Plus a free and ever evolving online component. Sony's name is still highly regarded amongst casuals as well and if it releases at the right price with the right games they can definitely take their spot back.

I'm trying to find something nice to say about MS. They came in second last gen and will prolly be third this gen (but by a narrow margin). Their online platform is still far better known and is arguably the best of three. But with the way they're going now I can't see them being first in any relevant field. They won't beat Nintendo in sales. They won't beat Sony with their game line up. They'll prolly still be the go-to system for online multiplayer like Cod (which will relate to console sales in a big way). But they need to cater to the core in more ways than that. They need an identity other than the Chief. The Gears story has ended. And COD isn't an exclusive. They need to give gamers some more games that will potentially be regarded as classics. Because in all honesty sales for next gen will almost certainly be split evenly between the three. Which means to stand out they need a game line up which can compete with Sony and Nintendo.

cyguration2925d ago

Third place this gen?

Uhh right...I guess we're just ignoring sales and online market domination then. Okay.

AWBrawler2930d ago

yep yep history and speaking of history.. only 1 company in history lead 3 console generations.

so any bets on who that is or how many disagrees i get for stating that fact?

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JBSleek2930d ago

I'm not going to disagree or agree but you can't make such an assumption when they are the only ones to bring forward their plans for the eighth generation.

What I do like about the Wii-U is it appeals to everyone and it is backward compatible with the Wii and it's accessories which is a big key.

High-Def Graphics+Nintendo Games+ Online Services+ Support of Devs= Success

DNAbro2930d ago

I think the main thing that will determine if the Wii U will win is online. Nintendo HAS to get with the program.

cyguration2925d ago

Not really. The 15 and older crowd want online but the kiddies and family-gamers don't need it.

Think about it, the Wii won this gen no matter how you cut the custard, sales, market dominance and install base and it did it without a strong online component.

If Nintendo wants some core gamers they'll probably tack on a decent online service but if they still want those casual gamers then they'll stick to their guns the way they did with the Wii.

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Micro_Sony2930d ago

"The Secret Formula That All Of Gaming Rests Upon"

Sugar, Spice and everything nice.

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