South Park RPG: Most Obscene Game Ever

South Park has had a very long career just recently concluding its fifteenth season. It’s no secret that the comedy about 4th graders’ adventures in a small Colorado town is crude, obscene, and sometimes downright wrong. But this is why we enjoy it so much.

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Parapraxis2921d ago

Sounds good to me, can't wait for a trailer!

Canary2921d ago

Wasn't there already a South Park game?

On, like, the N64 or something? I vaguely remember playing something like that... and it sucking.

Or are we at a point where we automatically expect licensed titles to be good because of Arkham Asylum?

cooperdnizzle2921d ago

Its going to sound stupid, but the south park game you are thinking of for the 64 was so bad it was good. Ya know one of those dumb sayings. I just like it cause i have some fond memories of me and some of my best friends at the time playing it when we were like 10 years old. Sooo That is my take on it. But to me if ya look back, and have fun with a game and good times, then kinda did its job as a game. Fun factor over gamplay and graphics hahah.

Laxman2921d ago

Hell yeah man! It really was so bad it was good. I still remember the first time I realized I could piss on my snowballs to make them more powerful... Classic!

danielle0072921d ago

This is the first South Park game that the actual creators of South Park are in control of everything.

I don't know if you've noticed, but everything they do seems to turn to gold. I have hope for this game.