Xenoblade Chronicles, Nintendo, and Operation Rainfall

Erik G of writes:

"For a long time, many of us Wii owners dreaded that three big JRPG’s would not be coming over to the US. Nintendo had remained dead set on insisting that they had no plans to release them, but last week Nintendo officially announced Xenoblade Chronicles as a game that would be sold in the US and so it would appear that the Wii is not as dead as we thought after The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. The question remaining now is why would Nintendo, after never even giving us so much as a maybe, suddenly throw us hardcore gamers a bone?"

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Xof2924d ago

We're getting Xenoblade?


I... I don't believe it.

jacksonmichael2924d ago

I was pretty shocked when I found out too. It's a great sign for the JRPG market.