12 ways to spot a Battlefield player in Modern Warfare 3

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jjdoyle2921d ago

One way? They're attempting to get in/use vehicles, because they don't realize they're only props in MW3.

dirigiblebill2921d ago

I heard a rumour once that MW3 would have vehicles. Destructible environments too. I wonder whether they've seriously considered it.

jjdoyle2921d ago

I'm surprised with at least two companies working on the Call of Duty series, that it hasn't happened yet. As for "destructible environments", I don't think it's a must, and I do like the fact bullets can/do go through different materials. I don't have to have trees falling over, though that is always nice for added realism.

FunkMcnasty2921d ago

Didn't CoD WaW have tanks on one or two of the maps? Whatever happened to that?

dirigiblebill2921d ago

I don't think it needs destruction or vehicles either. It's just not that kind of game.

svoulis2921d ago


That is because it was (technically)just one company, Infinity Ward really doesn't exist as it use to. Activision kept the remainder of the staff (the ones who didn't matter) just to keep the name on the box. They know Infinity Wards name sell games. So the game you are playing today (mainly online) was substantially made by Sledgehammer, not Infinity Ward.

DarkTower8052921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

As a COD player, I can tell you that most COD players don't want vehicles. They were in WAW and it didn't work. I would want destruction though, but with the 60fps a must, we'll probably have to wait till next gen consoles can handle it.

Shackdaddy8362921d ago

It would be cool if they took a map like seatown(I think that's what it's called), make it so you could go into every building, and then make all the walls destructible. That would definitely breath some new life into the franchise for me.

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Flashwave_UK2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

LMFAO looool špinavá špinavá kostky EA suck bf3 for the win americanos

manonhismoon2921d ago

Not sure if it's making fun of COD or just explaining it's lack of good features.

SITH2921d ago

I tried to change my rate of fire in mw3. Bf3 spoiled me fail is what that was.

Oschino19072920d ago

Changing the ROF is sooooooooo overrated, won't go too far into it but its nothing more then timing your shots for you, anyone with a half decent trigger finger can do single or three shot burst without a problem. If anything to me it felt more like a hinderance as I had to constently switch it around but when on full auto I could single and burst just as well with more freedom.

To BF fanboys its just another crutch thrown in like vehicle regen on standard, standard mode of bf3 is sad and don't get people talking it up over mw3, if you aren't playing hardcore mode on bf3 then your just a crap player who couldn't handle the fast paced action of mw3 and is afraid to experiance bf in all its true glory. Bfbc2 and bf3 have just too many crutches for players in standard mode.

SITH2920d ago

Wow you must be legendary amongst your people, you grace us with your precense ole awesome one. We mere mortals all bow to your superior guidance.


Majin-vegeta2921d ago

I'm guilty of number 12 i popped in cod 4 this morning and for some reason kept clicking select and i was like why won't it spot and my friend was like idiot your playing cod4 not BF3 me "Oh i'm such a dumbass" xDDD.

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The story is too old to be commented.