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ThisisXbox writes: "If you’ve been stuck at a loose end with your Kinect Sensor and wondering if there ever was going to be a game that can tick all the boxes for being Fun, Entertaining, Great Visuals, less child orientated and something that truly puts you personally in the game as you not only become the controller – but the character too, then Kung-Fu High Impact should rank at the top of your list for the must-have Kinect game this holiday period. For gamers who don’t want to dance, lose weight, talk to virtual animals or play competitive sports with their Kinect, but want something considered more ‘blokey’ and outrageously funny where you can just jump in and fight your way through your own campaign – this is for you! "

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Bigpappy2931d ago

Well, fighting side to side (2D) get 9/10 and is better than all 3D games on Kinect. Okay, that is one opinion. I need to read more before I comment on the concept.

thisisxboxcom2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

It was scored 9/10 because it's about the use of kinect, replay value, gameplay. It's quite a challenging game, that's really very responsive with kinect controls and the ability to pick anything up beside you and use it as a weapon was a great feature - it is an amazing game. The only Kinect game out there that actually puts you into it, rather than an avatar or character. You can fight enemies in any style that suits you... Not sure where you are located, but for anyone in the UK it's not out until February anyway...

It is an amazing game from's point of view. The devs haven't jumped on the band-wagon with sports, or dancing and have made something really quite different. It will not appeal to everyone, but there really needs to be a demo on the marketplace for this one I think.

typikal822930d ago

This was originally Kung Fu Live, a $15 PlayStation Eye game. Looks almost exactly the same.

They're charging $40 for it? Wow.