PSN Review – Voltron: Defender of the Universe [PlayStationLifeStyle]

PSLS: For those of you old enough to remember anime style cartoons back in the 80′s, you’ll probably recall Voltron: Defender of the Universe. The show followed a group of five soldiers, assigned to the Voltron Force, in a futuristic setting. It was their duty to defend their sector from any and all evil forces that endangered the safety of their planets. These five soldiers each had Urban Assault Lions, which are mechanized lion vehicles, that could be used as five separate vehicles or could be combined to create Voltron, the ultimate fighting machine.

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doctorstrange2929d ago

Would be a nice trip down memory lane, but costs too much.

ftwrthtx2929d ago

Totally agree. It would be worth it if it was half price or they released several new missions for free.

Iceman X2929d ago

$9.99 is too much?? You pay more than that on food take a break from McDonalds for a week or too.

insertcoin2929d ago

It's a lot of the same enemies and the same levels. I would say pass. If you want to get nostalgic with Voltron, just watch it.

D3stinySm4sher2929d ago

What this guy said.

It's not that $10 is a large sum of money so much as said $10 would be MUCH better off spent elsewhere - speaking from my own experience with the game.

LostTokens2929d ago

Video game based on Voltron? How awesome can this be!?

*reads review*

Oh. Well then, maybe some other time. *shrug*