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Rayman returns without his rabbits, BWAAAAA!
Version tested PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii.

They were nice, cute and absolutely insane, but the Rabbids were now beginning to be hated by the user and not just Nintendo. Not because the products were inferior to them as protagonists (because they were not, mind you) or a little funny (in fact they were insanely fun), but they had removed all the space that belonged by right to Rayman. The Rabbids have started as a simple shoulder, but the rabbits at Ubisoft have made ​​inroads at the expense of their favorite eggplant by the user, to lock andandola in a limbo where gaming now seemed impossible to re-emerge.

But something in the house of French development, as well as captained by the great artist Michael Ancel, it was decided to redeem that for many years was its mascot, and you could start with a radical return to the roots: a platform developed in two dimensions, colorful and charming, ready to carve out a space in the collections of each user gaming PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii.

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BuffMordecai2921d ago

Everyone should buy this game, its a great platformer. Local 4 player co-op is also a plus.