Swedish Study: Video Games DON'T Make Kids Violent

I love Sweden, don’t you? The Swedish Media Council have carried out a report that they say proves ‘beyond reasonable doubt’ that video games actually don’t make kids violent.

The meta-study, which has reviewed "100 articles about violent computer games and aggression which have been published in international scientific journals since 2000," concludes that it’s not the games that make kids violent - “family conflicts and poor health among children can make children more drawn to computer games and result in a higher level of aggression."

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Majin-vegeta2924d ago

* Video Games DON'T Make Kids Violent*

Of course not if they did i would be out there ripping people's spines in half,360 no scope collateral, etc.Only stupid people blame video games for something like when someone goes on a shooting spree or something.

taijutsu3632923d ago

Couldnt agree with you more!

aCasualGamer2923d ago

Videogames don't make you violent.

But if you are violent to begin with, then games will increase that violence.

In the end, it's up to the parents not to let their kids play the most violent games like letting an 8 year old angry kid play games like God of War where you rip peoples head off in with great detail.


video games dont kill people, people kill people

acemonkey2924d ago

who ever blames video games,movies,music or whatever is a piece of sh1t...its a straight up cop out...its so easy to blame it on something else either then sayin it was just ur dumb stupid crazy ass self

Slyfamous2923d ago

Of course not, its the parents who gives and allows their kids to get away with everything and then when the spoiled brat doesnt get what he or she wants they get violent.

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