Seaman 2 Revealed for PS2

At a press event in Tokyo this afternoon, Sega revealed the sequel to Seaman, the bizarre Dreamcast game in which you looked after and communicated with a virtual half man, half fish pet.

The premise in Seaman 2 remains largely the same -- you're still supposed to interact with a virtual pet -- except that this time around your creature is basically a mini neanderthal man. As the story goes, a species of these prehistoric mini-men were found to have lived in Peking China. A company in Moscow took their bones and created a factory to clone them and mass produce them as pets. 3,000 of them have been created so far. You're one of the lucky first to have one of them.

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Darth Gamer5854d ago

It should read "PANIC Human with very large penis".

dikturbo5854d ago

the DS? This is the perfect port to a DS. Touch screen and microphone make this a no brainer for DS. I'd buy it.

Hard as hell to play. Especially if your little frog guy kicks it after a month of playing. That sucks.