Xbox Live is the first big step to true video convergence

Gigaom - Microsoft will roll out an update to its Xbox Live platform on Tuesday, which will bring a host of new content to its users. While much of the new content comes from cable and IPTV providers and TV networks, the importance of the update is more in the blending of online and pay TV content, and the ability to surface it side-by-side.

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SuperSaiyan42928d ago

That's IF the update even comes out today although I was looking forward to a lot of the features which are now coming out later.

Also Microsoft bought Skype for $8billion yet I don't see Skype anywhere on any of their lists, how strange.

aviator1892928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

Perhaps they're squashing last-minute bugs. I'd rather have a near bug-free and polished experience than the opposite. And as for skype, maybe they don't want to rush it out and microsoft said that more apps (perhaps skype) and updates will be rolled out weekly after the december update.

r1sh122928d ago

I think MS have taken a good step into a 'unified entertainment' world.
If anyone remembers, a few of the heads at MS said "We want the xbox to be the main entertainment device in the home" and this a great way to do that.
Sony have a few media partners but this is on a bigger scale, I just hope the update comes out today!

No idea what the hold up is, but hopefully its out soon. Latest update from major nelson (40 mins ago via twitter) "No update" lol

Focus2928d ago

Could be months or even years before we see SKYPE integrated into xbox 360, if ever. Just because they bought it, does not necessarily mean they intend on using it for xbox live.
If they do intend on integrating it then I'm glad they are taking their time doing so, wouldn't want it being a rush job that negatively impacts gamers. Then they'd have to remove that feature which is so not how updates work on xbox 360.

kb8mvp812928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

well I already have verizon fios so what would be the need of this? im gonna be honest i don't own a 360 only a ps3 but is this supposed to replace paying for directv, dish, time warner, etc. plus it would kind of suck if you had to pay more out of your pocket to use these apps. people should be allowed to access them without a gold membership.


@kb8mvp: No this particular update as it stands today is not going to replace cable providers, but eventually in the future it will. I personally do not use cable service for media anymore, only my xbox. Netflix for movies/tv shows (sometimes hulu), espn for sports, is all I need right now.

AmaZinG2928d ago

Skype will not be on Xbox at least for 1 more year. maybe 2...