Kotaku - The Darkness II’s Multiplayer Is Co-op Only. Introduces Four New Characters

Kotaku - The Darkness II doesn't have traditional multiplayer. There are no multiples of Jackie Estacado using their powers over The Darkness to fight it out in endless battles. The core mythology of The Darkness prevents it.

So when Digital Extremes decided to expand their game to allow more than one player, they needed to get creative and decided to go cooperative. The result: Vendettas.

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Kingdom Come2928d ago

The Darkness II is a growing concern for me, strongly reminding me of this years F.E.A.R 3, a game of which, for me, lost its franchises persona. The Darkness II has abandoned it's gritty realistic graphics and has adopted a somewhat more arcade gameplay style. Despite Co-Op being a promising addition to any franchise, by disregarding competitive, it stands almost zero chance of having a lasting online community. Also, whilst The original Darkness' multiplayer was atrocious, this move almost seems to imply they aren't willing to take the risk to prove they can develop a good multiplayer for the franchise. Regardless, let's hope I'm wrong and the game proves to be incredible...

admiralthrawn872928d ago

lame. Darkness had really fun multiplayer despite network instability and lag issues.

Someone needs to develop a good competitive, balanced multiplayer game that is not a military shooter, is not ruined by perks, and takes longer than a quick shot to kill people unless its a head shot. Slightly larger health bars allow for recovery and tense battles, other than just aim shoot run, aim shoot run.

spunnups2928d ago

good im sick of every franchise feeling like they have to institute miltiplayer online deathmatches etc.. a good single player and solid online coop is all some games need