The top 10 Xbox 360 games of 2011 [BeefJack]

BeefJack: "Exclusives may have been thin on the ground on the 360 this year, but two of them were absolute classics that contributed to making it another fantastic year for the platform, as BeefJack rifles through its review archives to bring you the top 10 Xbox 360 games of 2011."

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_Aarix_2931d ago

Pretty Good list, Great year to have an xbox, with gears, dark soul, halo and the new dashboard update, I'm a happy gamer

AJB12931d ago

LMAO - a dashboard update?

_Aarix_2931d ago

Yea the dashboard is pretty slick, I'm not saying its fun but the whole xbox experience has improved for me

AJB12931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

LOL. Only two exclusives and a XBLA.

xPhearR3dx2931d ago

If the PS3 has so many games, why aren't you playing them?

AJB12931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

Why aren't you playing your 360? U Mad?

SuperSaiyan42931d ago

Yet you find more PS3 owners always on this site and not playing their 'exclusives' which is totally laughable.

SDF Repellent2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

Haha, AJB1, you are the first troll on another one of these X360 10 ten list. Gongrat. Now go play with your PS3 exclusives and leave us alone.

xPhearR3dx2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )


Actually I am right now, Skyrim to be exact. You know, the version that actually works. Great thing about this game that works on my console and not yours, is that it will last longer than 5 of your precious exclusives put together.

ZombieAssassin2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

Not that I'm defending him but is everyone suppose to be gaming 24/7? Like you said also Phear, you can be playing games and surfing the net at the same time...I'm playing Oblivion right now and on here.

What does is matter though you're all trollish fanboys anyways right...or at the very least hypocrites.

ONTOPIC: The list is good and I'd recommend all of them...besides Bejewled unless that's ur thing.

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death2smoochie2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )


Ask yourself how many PS3 exclusives came out in's less than 20.

Now ask yourself how many 3rd party mult-platform games came out during the same period...

It's almost 10 times as much...

I wonder what games are played more...

Sorry to burst your N4G.COM bubble, but exclusive games are not as important or critical as MANY on this site WANT to believe.
The majority of gamers buy multi-platform games simply because there are MORE OF THEM and more 3rd party companies than 1st, 2nd party companies...

I know...this is N4G.COM and the belief is 1st/2nd party games outnumber multi-platform ones...Ignorance is bliss

Me-Time2931d ago

lol I don't completely agree with AJB1, but you're FAR too wrong about the importance of exclusive games.

bobrea2931d ago

There were ten Xbox360 games that came out this year?

fucadastates2931d ago

played 7 of them games on my ps3.. AND uncharted 3, resistance 3, ratchet, infamous 2, atelier totori, Disgaea 4, killzone 3, LBP2, Ar tonelico Qoga 3, Hyperdimension Neptunia, The Ico and Shadow of the Colossus Collection, God of war origens,MLB 11 The Show (fck NFL),MotorStorm Apocalypse, SOCOM 4, Yakuza 4, White Knight Chronicles 2 and Trinity Souls of Zill O’ll on my ps3. thats alot of games. ohh and some multiplats came in too. need to plat them games.

PhantomTommy2931d ago

Wow.... you need a girlfriend.

fucadastates2931d ago

i have one.. and a kid.
local coop is the besT at my home. shes into gaming, ever since she watch me play heavy rain.

to disagrees.. you dont belive i play them games?
PM me, and you can get my psnid..

MizTv2931d ago

i would like some more games i can only play on 360 but there isnt much.that is what makes a consoles great