One Year, Only Spent Playing White Knight Chronicles II

The most hardcore White Knight Chronicles II player has been found.

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sunnygrg2929d ago

That guy has probably maxed out all the True King Weapons.

I, myself, spend about 5 hours on the game everyday, but that is nowhere close to the 16 hours average this guy has spent everyday.

DarkBlood2928d ago

wkc 2 is the one with the first game combined right?

ZombieAssassin2928d ago

Yea they updated the first one a little bit graphically and changed the battle system to that of the second.

videoxgamexfanboy2928d ago

Only a lame would spend that much time playing video games...

Blaine2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

(Removed comment)

Rynx2928d ago


OT: I'll get this game when it gets cheaper.

pedo_across-the-road2928d ago

I hope the characters from WKC are in title fight

Dark_Overlord2928d ago

"If this player got the game at launch he or she spent almost 17 hours (16 hours 49 minutes) each day logged into White Knight Chronicles II."

Got to be more than one person playing on this account (Online is locked to 1 account), no way could somebody put that many hours in everyday, real life would interfere at some point

FamilyGuy2919d ago

That's definitely idle time guys -_-
On the original wkcs I have 1500+ hours and I'm at about 800 on part 2, and still havent reached gr30 (it came out in august 2011 here). A lot of my time was spent commenting on the in-game message board or dosing off and having to save before quitting the game. There IS a ton to do, even after getting the platinum, so this 8000+ hours thing isn't as odd as you'd think, any japanese gamer that's still playing this is probably in the 5000 hour range minimum anyway.