Why the story of Modern Warfare 3 was doomed to failure

BeefJack: "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 wraps up the story that the first Modern Warfare set in motion, but what story was there in the first place? Joannes Truyens probes the game’s singleplayer experience, explaining why he feels it would never have worked."

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theonlylolking2922d ago

I liked MW1's, MW2's and MW3's story. I liked how they all came together. It is a different type of story than most games. The MW series is like a action packed hollywood style film(transformers).

I have noticed that many people did not pay attention to the story of the MW series. Then they say it is like the same story every single time.

h311rais3r2922d ago

If by different story from most games surely u mean same story as all war games.

antz11042922d ago

Lol, aside from Russia invading the ENTIRE world, I really liked it.

h311rais3r2922d ago

Mw3 does. Mw2 on th other hand....

Beastradamus2922d ago

I actually like the story for the MW3 trilogy. If you actually pay attention and follow it, it's no more convoluted than some espionage movie. Plus, it was WAY WAY better than BF3's story. WTF DICE.

GMWPS32922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

I agree the story was better in MW3 but it was poorly executed. They could have handled it better rather than rushing, sorry, pushing the player at warp speed through it. On the other hand BF3 handled much better the little story they had. It had more depth to it with a cool usual suspects-ish ending as all the pieces came together. Don't get me wrong it was no Uncharted but I actually felt to be more involved. Especially cool were the missions with the Russian special forces trio.

The sound in BF3 is also the best by far! Weapons and ambience are top notch! That adds a lot to the experience though you need a surround sound system to fully appreciate it. :-))

SuperSaiyan42922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

Only an idiot can like a campaign that lasted 4.5hrs and was absolute rubbish.

COD4 single player was very good, MW2 was ok but 3? They did that just for the sake of adding a singple player because you know for sure Activision will probably do away with a single player experience in the next COD games and then increase the price of the ELITE service.

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The story is too old to be commented.