Here's the PC version of Skyrim working with Kinect

Check out this new wonder from the world of Kinect.

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schlanz2924d ago

Cool that this works, but I'd still rather use a controller.

Jdub895O2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

rather play with a controller. The move would play better. Kinect isnt designed for fps.

SITH2924d ago

Kinect is designed to adapt to what ever you can. That is obvious in the video.

Tanir2924d ago

Bend over much sith?

obviously the move would work far better, how the hell are you supposed to feel like your slashing, shooting etc without something in your hand?

-_- someone enjoys kinectimals.

I think that if the the PS eye was like the kinect and you combine the move controller with that it would be perfect, besides having one arm ripped 500 hours into the game

SITH2924d ago

Lol calm down turbo. How did you get all that out if what I said.? It is like you had a conversation that never happened. And what is this. "bend over" WTH!? You kids kill me with your sensitivity over nothing. Go read a book and quit playing games for five minuets. It is apparently too much for you to handle.

Jdub895O2924d ago

Oh good lord your comment makes me want to go take a dump. :/

KMCROC542924d ago

He should show case this to MS, it seemed well thought out.

DJMarty2924d ago

Lol, Kinect a joke.

make players look like retards

Bigpappy2924d ago

I don't know that there is anything to help you look better. You may just have to accept your fate. Wish I could help.

h311rais3r2924d ago

And I suppose u support move Which looks like 2 dildos. Any way pc has both razer hydra(2 joysticks thank god) and kinect. Combine em and there u have it. The ultimate motion controller

Machioto2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

There is no way you could combine razer hydra and kinect because the razer uses low magnetic waves to understand motion,kinect us ir and a regular camera,which is not high enough in resolution to see it and razer is not illuminated to be used as a marker for kinect.

Ps move does not look like a dildo you're just a perv. @20

wollie2924d ago

who would want to play it like this?

is there anyone?

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