Mortal Kombat for PS Vita is not called Vitality

Remember a couple of “leaked” pictures that forced to believe Mortal Kombat Vita will be called Vitality? Well, as it turned out both of them were fake.

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Focus4378d ago

Oh good, because it was totally stupid

Beetey4378d ago

I don't know about stupid but I would much rather see the game of the year edition of MK9 come to the vita than a spin-off.

nevin14378d ago

Yeah it was just be a port of the PS3/360 version.

danhese0074378d ago

And that's a bad thing because?

MasterCornholio4377d ago

Just like street fighter 4 3D edition was a port as well.


TenSteps4378d ago

I'm not gonna say it's not. Ed Boon is notorious for trolling his fans, which in turn allow him to be one of the industries leading heads in keeping secrets a secret.

Friendly_fiend4378d ago

Sub Zero WINS.... VITALITY!!?

Ddouble4377d ago

Compared to the other names like Annihilation and Armageddon, Vitality sounds soft lol but clever.

SubZeroMaster4377d ago

what game is named annihilation?

Ddouble4377d ago

Annihilation was the name of the 2nd film. I know it's not a game but i love the name though.

Hicken4377d ago

Too bad that film was crap. I like to pretend on the first movie was ever made.

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Ranking Every Mortal Kombat Game From Worst To Best

Cultured Vultures: We've gone to the trouble of ranking the Mortal Kombat games across the series' history. Special Forces is clearly number one.

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Snookies1222d ago

My favorite is always going to be Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3. I know some people didn't like the addition of the run button. But, man that game is burned into my memory from childhood, lol.

Relientk7722d ago

That's the one I played the most as a kid. Fun times gaming on my Sega Genesis, the memories

Terry_B21d ago

Deception, MK2, MK9, MKX ..rest.

Kakashi Hatake21d ago

MK2 will always be the best in the series. Been playing a lot of MK1 lately though. Definitely enjoying it more than any other NRS era MK game.

Tankbusta4021d ago

1 and 2 were cultural phenomenon's.

specialguest21d ago

I will always have a special place in my memory for MK 1 and 2. You had to be there during that era at the arcades. Martial arts tournament fighting movies were still popular, and MK 1 was exciting. Real life motion captured characters done well (unlike Pit Fighter). A cast of characters we all liked like Bruce Lee(Lui Kang), Van Damme(Johnny Cage), the Lightning god(Raiden) from Big Trouble in Little China, and Ninjas, gotta have Ninjas. Goro was menacing as hell. The MK arcade had some of the best speakers similar to Killer Instinct as you could hear the loud crisp and bassy sound that was distinctly different than other arcades. MK 2 improved greatly on the controls and fighting mechanics


How Mortal Kombat Helped Save My Life

Anyone who knows me knows if there's one game I will always go back to, it's Mortal Kombat. From the characters to the stages, from the story to the towers and bonus modes, I have been a sucker for the franchise as long as I can remember.

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mavisiyah51d ago

Your life is so worthless and meaningless that it can be saved by a simple video game.

Kakashi Hatake51d ago

People cope differently about things bro.

oIMyersIo51d ago

No need.

Different strokes for different folks.

My dad passed just before Doom 2016 released and the original Doom was the first game we played together, so playing that game for a solid few months after his passing kept my mind healthy.

anast51d ago

There is no "meaning" and biological matter does not come with a price tag. You must be one of those confused "religious" types.