Mortal Kombat for PS Vita is not called Vitality

Remember a couple of “leaked” pictures that forced to believe Mortal Kombat Vita will be called Vitality? Well, as it turned out both of them were fake.

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Focus3486d ago

Oh good, because it was totally stupid

Beetey3486d ago

I don't know about stupid but I would much rather see the game of the year edition of MK9 come to the vita than a spin-off.

nevin13486d ago

Yeah it was just be a port of the PS3/360 version.

danhese0073486d ago

And that's a bad thing because?

MasterCornholio3485d ago

Just like street fighter 4 3D edition was a port as well.


TenSteps3486d ago

I'm not gonna say it's not. Ed Boon is notorious for trolling his fans, which in turn allow him to be one of the industries leading heads in keeping secrets a secret.

Friendly_fiend3486d ago

Sub Zero WINS.... VITALITY!!?

Ddouble3485d ago

Compared to the other names like Annihilation and Armageddon, Vitality sounds soft lol but clever.

SubZeroMaster3485d ago

what game is named annihilation?

Ddouble3485d ago

Annihilation was the name of the 2nd film. I know it's not a game but i love the name though.

Hicken3485d ago

Too bad that film was crap. I like to pretend on the first movie was ever made.

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