Sonic Generations Playtest: Fanservice with Substance

When I was a kid, I was a huge Sonic fan. I had all but two challenges aced in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, owned five Sonic games for the GBA, and knew the lyrics to practically every song in the Adventure series. I had the comics, 1CC’d the fighter built on the Virtua Fighter engine (and the nearest cabinet was in Canada!), and knew all of Sonic’s awful friends from the games and the multiple TV shows. If this incredibly embarrassing confession didn’t drive the point home, I’ve played a lot of Sonic games.

However, around 2004, I could feel my love for the series waning. Sonic Heroes was the first Sonic game I’d played since Sonic 3D Blast (sorry Ishaan) that I simply disliked, and the show Sonic X was underwhelming even by my low Saturday morning cartoon standards. Next thing I knew, Shadow the Hedgehog had a gun, the stories got even more ludicrous and I simply lost interest.

Sonic Generations won that interest back.

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miyamoto2921d ago

The first fun and enjoyable Sonic game in years. Worth every penny!