Battlefield 3 "Back to Karkand" available from 12 GMT on PSN

DICE has confirmed, that the "Back to Karkend" DLC of Battlefield 3 will be available from 12 GMT on PSN today.

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BombDrop2925d ago

PM so if u r in the uk about 20mins.

BombDrop2925d ago

it on psn now guys have fun

kza2925d ago

Is this for UK aswell??? because normally our store does not update till Wednesday!

evilbart2925d ago

yep it's being released in UK and Ireland today

BizDaWolf2925d ago

what time does it comes out in the US ET

h311rais3r2925d ago

This really should release on pc same day as ps3. That whole "I get this first! Nanananana!" thing is between $ony and m$. Pc in neutral and the game was dev for pc. I'm not saying ps3 shouldn't get it just that pc should stop being treated like 2nd rate.

h311rais3r2925d ago

Look at the defensive ps3 fanboy. He disagreed cuz he gets it first. Really. Name 1 reason ps3 owners should get it first. These deals are going to only piss people off. Especially when a company neglects the community that made them in the first place.

FAGOL2925d ago

I don't like these exclusive deals either but I think they're doing this because they were supposed to give BF1942 for free for PS3 owners.

Anyway it's just 1 week.

Ducky2925d ago

The early-DLC announcement was before the 1943 issue was raised up.

It looked more like they were replacing the free copy of 1943 with the early DLC.

DlocDaBudSmoka2925d ago this is where u can redeem for bf1943 ps3 owners.